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GameStop Lists 15 Unknown Nintendo Switch Game SKUs On Internal System

We are fast approaching E3 which takes place next month in Los Angeles and it comes as no surprise to hear that unknown Nintendo Switch video game SKUs have started appearing on GameStop’s internal computer system. In fact there are fifteen games that will presumably be revealed during E3 week from Nintendo and third-party publishers.

27 thoughts on “GameStop Lists 15 Unknown Nintendo Switch Game SKUs On Internal System”

      1. They did release an app for them (it’s not even that good) and whenever animal crossing is brought up by Nintendo new leaf is usually the topic, but I feel like it’s coming this year becuase it’s been so heavily hinted

    1. If so, by the time it comes out, my kid will be turning 5 and I think it’d be an awesome game for her, my wife and I to all play together, leave notes for her to read, etc. It’s number 1 on my wish list for E3 and definitely the most excited I’ve been for an Animal Crossing game.

  1. This doesn’t mean anything on its own. Gamestop adds SKUs for games that they have no real confirmation of an announcement yet, they just expect them to come around some time. They might, for example, add a SKU for “StarFox Switch” just because it’s probably that eventually there will be a StarFox for Switch.

    Source: Was a manager at Gamestop.

      1. They put these up several times a year. Sometimes when an announcement is about to happen, sometimes when nothing is about to happen, almost always without even the title of the game or the release date. Many of the games listed never get made at all.

        This is why I say “On its own”. By itself, it’s too unreliable to draw useful conclusions. It could be a list of games Gamestop thinks Nintendo will probably announce at E3 in June. It could be a list of things they know for a fact Nintendo is announcing tomorrow. Who knows?

  2. 15 games… Let’s see:
    1) Metroid Prime 4
    2) Yoshi
    3) Smash 5
    4) Star Fox
    5) Diablo III?
    6) F-Zero
    7) Bayonetta 3
    8) Kid Icarus
    9) I don’t know
    10) I don’t know
    11) I don’t know
    12) I don’t know
    13) I don’t know
    14) I don’t know
    15) Overwatch (It’s hard but I still believe we will see it on the Switch)

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