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Nicalis Announces Crystal Crisis For Nintendo Switch Coming This Fall

Nicalis has announced a new game today for the Nintendo Switch and it is best described as a puzzle-fighter crossover and is titled Crystal Crisis. The company released a video on Twitter showcasing just what to expect from the latest crossover title. The company has more information available on their official blog.

“The game has 19 different playable characters, including your favorites from Cave Story+ and The Binding of Isaac and many other surprise entrants. Each character has his or her own “home” stage, musical theme, unique special attacks and extensive voice-acted exclamations.”



  1. I’m so glad the Cave story crossover from that tweet a while back was not Smash bros. Smash bros doesn’t need indie characters unless it’s Shantae.

      1. I don’t want her really badly, but if we got her in Smash, I think it would be a welcome surprise.

      1. Not that I think about it, there’s another indie character I wouldn’t mind in Smash bros. I wouldn’t mind a Touhou character, simply so we can get their music.

  2. I was hoping for more of a traditional RPG. But a puzzle-fighter is okay too, I guess.

    It still looks promising, so I’ll definitely keep my eye on this one.

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