North America: On July 19th, Return Of Double Dragon Will Release On The SNES

26 years ago, in 1992, Super Double Dragon released in North America for the SNES. In Japan, however, the game had extra stages, new moves, drop-in co-op play and an updated soundtrack. There, the game was known as Return of Double Dragon. Well, it was announced today that Return of Double Dragon will be releasing on the SNES in North America on July 19th for $49.99. Amazon is now taking pre-orders, so if you want to snag a copy, you can do so here. But that’s not all. You can also get a limited-edition red cartridge and a “new exclusive Return of Double Dragon box” if you get a first-print run of the game.




    1. Do you think that most people who owned the MILLIONS of SNES consoles that were sold threw them in the trash? NINTENDO is well known for making very sturdy hardware. I suspect at least 70% of SNES hardware is still in operational condition. MANY people still have them. And, as David said, there have been many versions of clone hardware produced since. Hardware to play SNES carts is NOT hard to come by. (I still have mine).


      1. I still have an SNES. I know a ton of people who still do as well. A lot more than 3 people.


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