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Nintendo On Selling Switch Systems Without A Dock: “We Have No Plans To Release This Configuration In The Americas”

A few days ago, we informed you of the news that, in Japan, Nintendo had begun to sell Switch consoles without a dock. However, it seems that this will not be coming to western regions. Nintendo has released a statement to USGamer, saying that they “have no plans to release this configuration in the Americas.โ€ They did not say anything about a release in Europe.



  1. How about a backpack that can hold the dock?

    It’s kind of hard to take my Switch from place to place when I can’t even put everything Switch-related in one case.

  2. Wow, that’s a shame that they’re not going to release this version of the Switch in the Americas because this would’ve benefited people who need to replace their tablets for the system but don’t want to spend another $300. This would’ve also been great for the people who only want to focus on the portable aspect of the Switch.

  3. American’s probably need the docks more. We have larger living spaces, more TV’s in one house, and we’re not as handheld obsessed as Japan.

  4. There is a good reason why they won’t do it in America and the answer is very simple: unlike Japan, America is not as obsessed with portable gaming systems. Sorry, guys, but portable gamers are a minority in the US, not the majority.

  5. This would be a good SKU worldwide, I think, especially for families with one TV but multiple switches that don’t need the extra dock. You can sell to more people who may be willing to pay if the price is lower and the product doesn’t have a feature they don’t want/need. In economics we call this strategy versioning and it helps companies capture some profit they’re not making otherwise.

  6. I knew they would make a SKU like this.
    And sooner or later it will come to the west, probably with Pokemon.
    3DS seems to be slowing down in Japan, so they are testing if portable Switch catches on.
    Probably they will make special edition Switches when Pokemon releases.

  7. This would be great for households with more than one gamer, like say a family with two kids. They donโ€™t need two docks but probably would both want their own Switch.

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