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Video: Datamined “Rocket” Ranked Mode Footage

Datamining in Splatoon 2 has uncovered many things, and this is just another. It turns out that Clam Blitz and Rocket are two different ranked modes. It was thought that Rocket eventually became Clam Blitz, and the name changed. However, some brand new datamined footage has revealed that this will be a new mode. A rocket will spawn in the middle of the stage. The goal is to activate it by shooting the rocket and make it launch into your opponent’s base. In the meantime, you can try to keep making the rocket launch closer to the base, as well as use a rocket nozzle weapon that can drop.



  1. I wonder if that ‘mysterious emblem’ that Corocoro teased a little while back was supposed to hint at a rocket? It’s shaped like an arrow, which is close enough to a rocket?

    And I mean, that makes me wonder even further if they’ll drop the mode’s reveal in the tourney at E3. This year’s tourney is using the same logo as the Nintendo World Championships, and with how they used unreleased games for their last rounds, maybe this Splatoon World Championship will use the rocket mode as it’s final round?

    That’d be sick.

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