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Bandai Namco Is Working On Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

There was suspicion and rumors about this in the past, but it is now official. According to the official site for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Bandai Namco is working on the game. In fact, they are listed as a developer with Sora Ltd. and Nintendo. There will be a lot more E3 2018 news about the game in the coming few days, so we’ll keep you updated on any further developments.


12 thoughts on “Bandai Namco Is Working On Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

    1. I doubt they’ll do another line of Smash amiibo. They barely stocked the first line & no one wants more of that bullshit with a second line. They’ll just make new amiibo of the new Smash characters & that’s it.

      1. Young Link having him as a Final Smash would be nice. But I’m just glad to see him back. Wasn’t a fan of him being replaced with Toon Link even though Wind Waker is one of my top 3 favorite Zelda games.

        1. My top 3 are BotW, OoT, MM, in that order.

          It gives me hope that could be his Final Smash since so many things were changed for this game to make characters different.

  1. I just want amiibo for the characters not in smash 4 like Wolf and ofc entirely new characters the latter of which they’ve already announced.

  2. There’s 20 second clips of each fighter on the official smash bros site. Lot’s of new details to pick out.
    Most notable if you watch Diddy’s video… THEY ADDED A NEW DKC TUNE THAT ISN’T THE JUNGLE LEVEL

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