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Catching Pokemon In Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee Will Be More Challenging

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee were revealed just recently, but we already know a fair few tidbits of information. During the Nintendo Treehouse stream, Pokemon Director Junichi Masuda joined the Nintendo team to discuss the upcoming Nintendo Switch games.

As reported previously, Masuda reiterated that you can play the entire game with just one joy-con. Inspired by Pokemon Go, the catching experience is entirely led by gyroscopic motion controls and will become more fun, or challenging as a result. Depending on your stance, the angle you throw the Poke Ball and how quickly the Pokemon is moving, it may take several attempts to catch some creatures. When playing in handheld mode, however, you’ll have to use the gyroscopic controls within the Switch console to perfectly line up your Poke Ball to successfully catch the Pokemon.

Set in the Kanto region, Masuda commented on how appealing it will look to older fans of the first generation games; Red and Blue. Expressions and animations were taken largely from the animated series to create a more unique look for townspeople and their Pokemon. For example, Pikachu will wag his tail if your character walks within distance of a hidden item on the ground; beating the item finder in one fell swoop. Masuda was also quick to mention that wild Pokemon sometimes come with red or blue auras to distinguish how large or small they are; a beautiful nod to the original games.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

4 thoughts on “Catching Pokemon In Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu And Eevee Will Be More Challenging”

  1. Although I agree with Mike S, it might get annoying at times when trying to catch Pokemon in the game. ESPECIALLY if the RNG is against you & making you waste too many Pokeballs. Maybe Pokeballs will be free this time around, though? Pfft. Doubtful. Hopefully they are at least cheaper than usual or I might just catch 5 to fill out my party & move on.

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