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Broken Age Coming To Nintendo Switch

Double Fine has also confirmed today that Broken Age will be making an appearance on the Nintendo Switch. The game will join Grim Fandango Remastered in a couple of months. The news was announced during E3 by the development team.

A family friendly, hand-animated, puzzle-filled adventure game with an all-star cast, including Elijah Wood, Jack Black and Masasa Moyo. Funded by a record breaking crowdfunding campaign and designed by industry legend Tim Schafer, Broken Age is a timeless coming-of-age story.


5 thoughts on “Broken Age Coming To Nintendo Switch”

  1. This game is very pretty and well produced … but not necessarily the best adventure.
    Tim Schafer fans might like it, but people who are generally into adventures should go for Thimbleweed Park instead, that one’s really good.

  2. Oh, another overpriced Indie game to pad out the 1 year drought! Who wants AAA when you can pay the same price for a 1986-level experience?!

    1. Oh STFU. Don’t like Indies than don’t buy them quit complaining about more game options for the rest of us. I love plenty of Indies and I’m so happy I can download them on Switch to play them portable.

      Indie games often take risks with ideas and aesthetics that AAA games just can’t and fill in niches that some gamers crave. Just cause you can’t enjoy older games as a young person doesn’t mean you should scoff at ppl who want the option to play classic gaming inspired titles with a new mechanics and ideas. Just don’t buy them AND only play AAA gaming but you have to wait cause AAA games cost time a money. Games like Metro is, Smash, Pikmin, Bayonetta, Yoshi coming but you have to wait. Don’t know what to tell you.

      1. Amen to that. 80% of my Steam account is indie games and 90% of what I play play the most on Steam is coming to Switch. Some games play better on PC, like Portal Knights, however most I prefer on console
        I’ve double dipped on: Stardew Valley, A Robot Named Fight, Oceanhorn and Hollow Knight.
        I intend to rebuy: 20XX, My Time At Portia, Ghost 1.0 and Rivals of Aether. There are others I’d rebuy but they haven’t been announced for the Switch.
        And like I said, there are a few I feel are better on PC, like Portal Knights and Elder Scrolls V (gotta have my Skyrim mods).

  3. rdappl JUNE 13, 2018 AT 3:27 PM
    Oh, another overpriced Indie game to pad out the 1 year drought!

    ^ remove the word overprice and I would agree with this statement more

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