Nintendo Switch

Sky Skipper Coming To The Nintendo Switch

The Treehouse Live segment today has revealed that Sky Skipper, a retro first party Nintendo arcade title, which was released way back in 1981, will be coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop. It will be released as an Arcade Archives title. The game originally appeared in arcades and didn’t do too well and was replaced by none other than Popeye. Sky Skipper is coming to Nintendo Switch in July.



  1. Wow! I’ve always wondered why Nintendo never acknowledged this game. I don’t think that even Smash Bros. ever featured any Sky Skipper trophies etc. (correct me f I’m wrong). This game is actually kind of fun. I recently played the arcade version. Loved the Atari 2600 version as well.


    1. They didn’t. In fact, I only heard about this in Issue #25 of NF Magazine.

      Just never got around to googling it.


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