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Ubisoft: You Can Complete The Entire Starlink Campaign With Fox McCloud & Arwing

The upcoming action-adventure title Starlink will feature our favourite fighter pilot Fox McCloud when it comes to Switch consoles this October. So it’s with great delight that fans will be able to play the game’s entire story campaign by using only Fox and his trusty Arwing. During the Nintendo Treehouse stream at E3, Ubisoft also confirmed that there will be exclusive Star Fox missions in Starlink for Switch.

The Ubisoft Toronto team were quick to mention how honoured they were to feature Fox in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. As such, they’ve worked hard on developing the right look and feel for the Arwing, including the ability to do a barrel roll. Since Starlink features customisable physical toy parts that link up to the Switch, the Arwing becomes fully customisable in the game. Players can add any weapon that appears in the game to the Arwing, they can stack items (such as wings) on top of each other, and use different cores to determine how the ship is handled during gameplay. Of course, any parts that you add to the Arwing or other ships within the game will change the weight of your ship and, ultimately, the way it handles too.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas releases on October 16th with an exclusive Nintendo Switch starter pack.

Source: Nintendo Treehouse

20 thoughts on “Ubisoft: You Can Complete The Entire Starlink Campaign With Fox McCloud & Arwing”

    1. It most probably will be lol… Zero would have been great if it wasn’t for those horrid motion controls

  1. I just want to know if I can buy the game digitally, not have to get the toys to life and still play as Fox?

  2. I’m gonna hold off on this because I prefer physical over digital and this choice leads me to my next concern about this game. I don’t want to buy into this if they are planning to go retardedly crazy with the toys to life sales in the same way Disney and Spyro did with multiple versions and thousands of addons.
    I’m a completionist and prefer as my of my purchases being physical as possible so buying into this and realizing there is a $20 set here, $30 set there, and multiple $100 starter packs being prepared down the line, which I won’t be able to buy, will annoy the hell out of me to no end, and I refuse to support Ubisoft’s, and every other publisher, digitally, that will never happen.
    Now if it’s only a few ships and accessories, like 6-9 sets, then I’ll support it, but if this shit starts to get out of control like Disney Infinity and Skylanders then hell no I’m not buying into this crap, I fell for this crap one time with the amiibo and only limited my amiibo purchases to the Zelda, Metroid, and Fire Emblem Amiibo!

    1. According to another, you don’t need to get the toys to get the stuff they unlock in the game. The toys, I assume, just make it easier & faster to get the stuff if you buy some chance buy the toys.

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