Nintendo Switch

Digital Foundry: Paladins “One Of The Strongest Switch Conversions We’ve Seen So Far”

The latest project that the hardworking team at tech enthusiast site Digital Foundry has tackled is Paladins on the Nintendo Switch. The game was highly sought after by Nintendo Switch owners but Fortnite came out very close to the game’s release on the platform. In case you’ve missed it, Digital Foundry says it’s a highly competent Nintendo Switch port and presumably shouldn’t be overlooked.



  1. Only problem with this game is lack of the gyro/motion control. If they ever want to have more players buying their early access game they should add gyro right away. As of now I’m staying away from Fortnite and Paladins.

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    1. It makes sense in Paladins case. Having gyro controls on a shooter that’s crossplay with another console that doesn’t would give players an unfair advantage.

      I understand the want for gyro though. It would make the game much more enjoyable.

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      1. I though they use UE4. Even Hat in time dev used UE3. Maybe it’s more simple to use?


  2. Dont buy this on Switch. Its plagued by crashing issues. I never played Paladins on any other platform, but I really enjoy the game after buying the $30 founder’s pack for my Switch.

    Right now I hate it with a passion. Ever since buying it I can only play MAYBE 2 crash-free games on Siege. It crashed twice on me when I was healing and winning with Seris. That pissed me off so bad I want a refund with this crap.

    I uninstalled it from SD card and installed it on system memory, too. Still crashes!! Give me my $30 +tax back!!!


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