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Capcom Planning More Nintendo Switch Titles

Capcom mentioned during their latest shareholders meeting that they will continue to support the Nintendo Switch with a variety of games. Nothing was specified by the company so we shall just have to wait for future announcements from them. Capcom also mentioned that they have no plans to bring Monster Hunter World to the Nintendo Switch, presumably due to the work that would be involved bringing the title to the platform. However, there is a suggestion that we might continue getting Monster Hunter titles. We shall have to wait and see on that one.

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39 thoughts on “Capcom Planning More Nintendo Switch Titles”

  1. Yes. We’ll continue to get ports of old games that have already released years before on other consoles so that they can milk them effectively with the Switch.

    1. “Yes. We’ll continue to get ports of old games that have already released years before on other consoles so that they can milk them effectively with the Switch.”

      You mean like PS4 got for the first 2 years of its existence? Compare like to like. The Switch still hasn’t been around long enough to fit in a full dev cycle.

      1. So why is the Switch selling so well regardless of performance?
        You really have a boner for powerful hardware…. If you want that, get a PC you pleb.

      2. i cant reply your other commentary, but if ryse of tomb raider can run on x360, they can ported shadow of the tomb raider on switch(and shadow of tomb raider looks ugly than ryse)

    1. I mean it’s moreso about similar architecture and optimization than “better performance” but hey believe whatever you want. The Switch is selling well and is capable hardware so this time, the ball is in third parties court.

      1. Smash, Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon won’t reach PS4 either. People should realize that Nintendo is reaching out to an audience that would otherwise be ignored it things were left to just Sony and Microsoft.

    2. Correction, they chose gimmick over performance. And because of that, we maybe never get Darkstalkers (1, 2, and 3), any 32X games, any Saturn-exclusive games, any Dreamcast-exclusive games, Rayman 1 (not counting inferior handheld ports), Cuphead, A Hat in Time, 3D Dot Heroes, Unravel, Ape Escape, J-Stars Victory VS+, Street Fighter EX (1, 2, and 3), Ultra Street Fighter IV, Tomba, Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, Marvel vs Capcom (1 and 2), etc.

      Basically anything that never graced a Nintendo console or can’t be easily emulated.

      1. I’m trying to follow how your these covers your examples. Many of your examples are evidence that it *doesn’t matter* that they didn’t put performance first. Some of your games don’t require significant performance (Tomba, J-Stars), others clearly are mostly to do with licensing deals (Sega exclusives), and other just plainly aren’t good enough to care about (Street Fighter EX, the series SF fans make fun of). Does anybody really think that if Cuphead doesn’t come to the Switch, that POWER has anything to do with it? It’s a 2-d side scroller for crying out loud.

        If you aren’t trolling, some of this is a special kind of nonsense since it predates Nintendo’s policy of not focusing on performance. The N64 was not designed to be a low power gimmick console.

        1. SEGA exclusive to what? Their brand of consoles in 2018?

          Oh wait…..

          And just because YOU shit on certain titles, doesn’t mean that we wouldn’t be interested in them. Or is this all you can do, since you won’t get the play them, unless you fork over collector’s bucks (steep prices on eBay) just to buy the systems alone.

      2. Foolish Statement my friend. Portability/”Gaming on the Go” alone or with 2 to 4 people is far from “gimmicky”.
        Another thing is all the games you mentioned can be easily ported to the SWITCH. Omitting anything with Exclusive Rights to one console.

    3. Why would you want ANOTHER company to sell you an overpriced, underpowered PC? At least Nintendo has the decency to make us something useful, instead of ONLY relying on making or buying exclusives in order to trick you into buying their weak PC in a walled garden software market. So instead of getting cheap games from all the competing digital sources (Steam, Amazon, GoG, Green Man Gaming, Humble, etc), you buy direct from them, AND pay for online services each year, all while paying too much for the parts in the console, and never having the option to affordably upgrade parts. And then on top of that, you limit the genres of games you can easily play, while the PC is able to easily function as a couch coop box and a mouse/keyboard desktop with an affordable Steam link. With PS/Xbox, you will always limit yourself to the absolute worst input method for precision gaming.

      I am so thankful that Nintendo made a useful product, instead of something you throw at your teenager because you’re too lazy to learn how to plug in a few wires in a box.

    4. “Red dead 2, cyberpunk 2077, shadow of the tomb raider etc wouldnt run on the switch.”

      It’s easy to say things like this when you’re not a game developer. Any game can run on Switch if the effort is made to optimize it for the platform or develop it for the switch from the start.

  2. Happy for genuine support like Bethesda not though just a bunch of games relying upon streaming into the device. It’s hybrid nature is what differentiates it from the competition and this just shows a lack of understanding of the genius idea Nintendo have developed.
    It’s a massive success for a reason and it’s not just because it’s just trying to out power the competition. but because it truley understands what modern gamers with limited sofa TV time want. As a full time single dad it has got me back into gaming. Love it, just hope Capcom starts understanding is potential.

    1. I care about Megaman too, but Capcom has other good IPs as well. Power stone, Viewtiful Joe, and Breath of Fire. We might not get more sequels for those games any time soon, but I am glad things are finally looking good for Megaman.

  3. Digital Only. Oooh thank youuu capcom veeery much.
    But ooups, no money from me. Game collector buy Only physical (cartridge) full games >:( burn in hell Crapcom!!!

  4. I’m sick of buying games, expecting a great experience. Then getting let down. For example, I bought the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on Switch, expecting to kick butt like I did on the Super NES versions of Street Fighter II. Then I discovered the darkside of the Pro Controller. I couldn’t hardly do ANYTHING. I was lucky every time I pulled off a dragon punch. So unfortunate.

    Reminds me of when I bought the Wii and PS3 versions of NBA JAM. The controls SUCKED compared to the Super NES versions. I was the champion thief in the SNES games (and in Hang Time on N64), but wasn’t the champion ANYTHING in the Wii and PS3 versions. I know this was off the topic, but it’s a shame when a classic game gets modern versions, and they’re not nearly as good due to the controls.

    Back to the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection real quick, I remember thinking it was going to be awesome because of it being arcade versions. But I was left unimpressed. Why do Super NES games have better sound than arcades? I’ve noticed that with every arcade I’ve played via emulators.

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