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US: NES Mini Back In Stock Today

As we previously reported back in May, Nintendo of America has replenished stock of the lucrative NES Mini in North America today. One of our readers emailed in to say he managed to secure a NES Mini unit at his local Walmart today and there was unsold stock. It’s well worth checking with your favourite retailer to find out if they have received stock today. Good luck!

Thanks to Jason for the news tip!

16 thoughts on “US: NES Mini Back In Stock Today”

    1. The problem was the low print run. There was no avoiding that price explosion. It’s not like they printed to demand, but those darn scalpers just took them all first.

  1. I went to Gamestop when they opened this morning and surprisingly no line…not even one person waiting for them to open!! So glad I dont have to run around after work to find one.

    1. I can respect your opinion. Just as you do not see the logic in buying a system when you have an online service (to debut in either September or by the end of 2018) that’ll have NES classic available via download/cloud service.

      But also, if you would-

      Please respect those of us who are collectors of EVERYTHING NINTENDO or video games in general. The NES mini would go nicely on my gaming shelf along with my DREAMCAST, ATAIRI JAGUAR, TURBO GRAPHICS 16, SUPER FAMICOM, ORIGINAL XBOX, GAMECUBE, PS ONE, SEGA SATURN, ETC…..

      & I HOPE SONY is taking notes so they can make a PS2 MINI!!

  2. Every time I see one of these, I think “Shoot, I need to get one right now!” and then I think to myself “Oh yeah…….I already have the originals of all of these……what would be the point? To keep in box on my shelf? eh…”

  3. This morning it sold out online for Best Buy, but then at 1 Walmart opened up orders and I got one. I think Best Buy showed up with stock again once Walmart went live.
    Now my siblings can have a NES & SNES.

  4. Nintendo sure kept this re-release secretive. They didn’t even talk about this since they first announced (last year) they were releasing more next summer. They should have talked about it in their E3 Direct. Even stores knew nothing about it until a week before today. “I” was having to tell them instead. Even this site usually announces things like this sooner.

    Surprisingly there was no lines at Best Buy OR Target. So I bought one at each store (didn’t try Gamestop). Thought I was gonna go NUTS waiting for Best Buy to freakin’ open. And let me tell you, when you’re up ALL NIGHT with no sleep, and you struggle to drive down to a store feelng like crap, it really makes you feel like cussing them out when they tell you “only 1 per customer”. Causing me to have to wander around like a zombie, killing time for 3 long hours for Best Buy to open. 10 a.m. is too late for a store to open.

  5. I got one at gamestop just before it closed. They had them all day. I now have both. :)

    I hope we get an N64 classic soon. I also hope Nintendo works out a deal with Microsoft to get Banjo-Kazooie and Diddy Kong Racing on the system if we get one. Microsoft is very easy to work with from what I’ve been told though, so I don’t imagine it being a big issue.

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