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Kimishima Reveals That Nintendo Plans To Announce Full Switch Autumn Lineup At An Appropriate Time

Judging from the reactions from Nintendo’s presentation during E3 2018 last month, some people were concerned about the autumn lineup on the Nintendo Switch. However, former Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima revealed during the general meeting of shareholders that the company plans to announce a few more titles for the autumn at a later date this year. Here’s what was said by Mr. Kimishima.

“Kimishima-san was also asked about Nintendo’s presentation at E3 and the fact that it caused a sharp decline in the stock value. He explained that the company is preparing to disclose more information to the customers at an appropriate timing, including products that will be launched during the year-end shopping battle. It’s not yet time to announce the full lineup.”

“That being said, he listed the games that will be released before the end of the fiscal year, mentioning that it’s a “powerful lineup.” Nintendo aims to maintain and expand the momentum of the Switch towards the year-end shopping battle (this is a widely used definition in Japan for the shopping rush at the end of the year). He believes that more detailed information can be disclosed to the customers in the future.”


53 thoughts on “Kimishima Reveals That Nintendo Plans To Announce Full Switch Autumn Lineup At An Appropriate Time”

  1. August and September are really the months where there’s no Nintendo 1st party games, correct me if I’m wrong lol July is octopath traveler, I guess we can count that. October is Mario party I think. November is Pokemon and December is smash. Overall it’s not bad it just doesn’t compare to Mario and Zelda of last year but I mean how can you top that lol

      1. Octopath Traveler is published by Square Enix in Japan. However, this game is published by Nintendo of America and Europe.

  2. While i appreciate this, wouldn’t it be better to announce these at e3 and then having a direct near the end of the year to showcase them again (along with a steady marketing campaign)…don’t you want to get the word out early.

    1. Because people isn’t focused only for Nintendo but also for other companies. Showing every single weapon from a company can be a good move as it can be bad.

      Let’s suppose Nintendo showed a game where they don’t even know when to release it on the market, people will be interested for sure but when time moves ahead and still the game isn’t at the final steps people will start to be annoyed.

      One example of game that it starts to be annoying is Death Stranding. This game has some weird trailers with no explanation of the plot and also there isn’t a release date. People is annoyed about it

    2. Because they don’t have any left for this year. Plain and simple. People saying, “This means Metroid, Animal Crossing, etc. this year!!!” are overthinking this non-statement. The big things for this year are announced.

      1. Did you not read the article or any shareholder interviews they announce that other big games will be ready to reveal in the next announcement even Nintendo of Europe mention it also that more big games will be shown off this year he games you mention obvious won’t be launching this year but they can still share details on this those type of games

      2. That’s really not what they’re saying. I don’t see any indication that “big games”. This sounds more like the “There’s more on the way” line that is always true no matter the actual size of future announcements. It’s like when Reggie would always be like we have a lot more to announce during the Wii U era and everyone was like, “That means every game I ever wanted!!!” and we’d get nothing big. This is a marketing line. They always have more announcements, doesn’t mean they are the big heavy hitting Nintendo franchises. If they were, we would’ve heard at E3. If you do have an article specifically mentioning big games yet to come, please share though.

  3. Guys… They always say this. It doesn’t mean they are still waiting on some major blowout first party announcement for this year. Those happened at E3… Thinking otherwise is setting yourself up for disappointment.

  4. Mmmm I dunno. Supposedly the reason they only showed SSBU is because they don’t like showing games that won’t release for a long time, but SSBU isn’t coming out until Dec. 7. If they had some kind of secret weapon, it would have made sense to announce it at E3 according to those criteria. I’m sure they have games planned, but they won’t be big.

    It’s my prediction that this will be a relatively poor holiday for Nintendo, unless they pricedrop the Switch which I doubt they’ll be willing to do. Hopefully they have a better year planned for 2019.

    1. It’ll be a great holiday sales-wise. Smash and Pokemon are two HUGE sellers. I feel like it’s only “poor” for us huge fans who wants Star Fox, Animal Crossing, etc.

      1. I think those will both sell well to people who already own a Switch, but I don’t see either one of them driving new sales of the Switch itself the way Mario and especially Zelda did. However, if Nintendo starts marketing Pokemon heavily, that might change. I don’t think Smash has that potential at all, though.

        1. Zelda is way less of a system seller than Pokemon or Smash. Nintnedo fans love it but it doesn’t have close to the broad appeal of either pokemon or smash. Just look at the sales history of each franchise.

  5. If there’s a surprise up their sleeve I wish they would’ve said something sooner at E3. I already have games I’m ready to play on my Switch and PS4 within the months leading up to LGPE, Smash Ultimate, and KH3.

  6. Oh wow, when they could do this sooner at E3.

    For the people already typing “durr but they said that at E3 yada yada”, this isn’t even close to an excuse. Focusing almost the entirety of the digital event just for Smash, talking about tidbits was a wrong move. They know this, that’s the reason to start saying things like “maybe we can go back on stage” – the criticism had reached them.

    Also the excuse of “we announce games when they are near release” is another bull. Metroid Prime 4, Yoshi for Switch, Bayonetta 3 were announced at a long time and they still can’t release a trailer, just to say “hey, we didn’t forgot those games too”. Either announce ALL games when near the release date, or announce ALL games when far the release date, not both at the same time.

    And before the same people starts typing “hurr durr they’ll announce things at Directs”, yes, and they will spend the same Directs talking about the same games announced at E3, wasting time that could be spent talking only about new announcements.

    1. In any case, now I gotta hold off on getting a new fucking PC for a few months just in case I need to buy a Switch instead for whatever they might reveal at TGS if any even interest me.

    2. To be fair we’ll get news either way with how the internet works, but the news would reach a lot more people who aren’t Nintendo fans if it was shown during E3. I’m not really a big fan with Nintendo’s strategy of announcing games very close to release either, by then I’m already excited for different games on my PS4 I got since the release schedule has been looking dry. Either way this is a poor business decision.

  7. Better do coz E3 was crap lol

    I’ve been really disappointed with Ninty over the past 6 months, no games that interest me at all with no heavy hitters.

    We need to see something of Metroid this year in a direct!
    We know about smash so that’s not needed but lots of others and also maybe there are games unannounced that is fans want?

    I want to see more on Bayo 3, super Mario party and this Starlink with Fox :p
    Anyone with me when I say we want…
    Star Fox
    Pikmin 4
    Mario Kart 9
    Luigi’s mansion 3
    Eternal Darkness (sequel)
    Metroid stuff :p

    I’m still holding out for Geist 2 and Sadness lol

    1. I agree with everything on the list but I doubt Mario Kart 9 will be on Switch since no Nintendo platform has ever had more than one Mario Kart and Switch already has 8 Deluxe.

      Not saying it’s impossible, just unlikely.

    2. A remake of the first Eternal Darkness would be great, too. Since it was originally an N64 game but got moved to Gamecube, it hasn’t aged well with the obvious N64-level graphics.

      As for Geist, the original Geist just needs an HD Remaster since it was developed for the Gamecube, so it didn’t suffer the blocky appearance of N64 games.

  8. I have the feeling that Nintendo has been a lot dodgy lately. What´s up with Retro Studios? Where is Pikmin 4 announced long long ago? What are they going to do with the Animal Crossing franchise?
    Considering that all their development teams are now focusing on Switch games… there SHOULD be more announcements, or at least more projects. They could fill us up with more details about Fire Emblem Three Houses, about Metroid Prime 4, about third-party games…. instead, they are just announcing vague information about their future. This is kind of frustrating for fans.

  9. Nintendo announcing games coming 2019 and beyond but keeping games that are supposedly releasing this autumn under wraps doesn’t really add up to me.

    If they got more games they wanted to show off, E3 would have been good to put that in the spotlight. Not really sure what they’re hiding. Especially when they’ve already shown Smash and Pokémon.

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