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Famitsu Awards Octopath Traveler On Nintendo Switch 36/40

The latest edition of Japanese video game magazine Famitsu is now available to subscribers and the review scores are in. The game that you are most likely to be curious about is the upcoming Octopath Traveler from Square Enix. The four reviewers each gave the game from Square Enix a nine which makes a total of 36/40, which is a more than respectable score.

  • Floor Kids (Switch) – 7/7/8/7 [29/40]
  • Hollow Knight (Switch) – 8/9/8/9 [34/40]
  • Just Shapes & Beats (Switch) – 9/7/8/7 [31/40]
  • Mary Skelter 2 (PS4) – 9/8/8/8 [33/40]
  • Octopath Traveler (Switch) – 9/9/9/9 [36/40]
  • Stikbold! A Dodgeball Adventure (PS4, Switch) – 7/7/8/8 [30/40]

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24 thoughts on “Famitsu Awards Octopath Traveler On Nintendo Switch 36/40”

    1. Oh but the other day you were complaining that everything on Switch this year was old and yet here’s a new game and you’re prepared to wait. I’m confused as you didn’t seem to be able to comprehend that not everyone plays every game as soon as it comes out so there was value in the number of older games and ports that have come out this year on Switch for those that haven’t played them. Curious.

      1. I said so far this year everything is old and this hasnt released yet. Of course Im going to wait. After this game there is nothing new for me to play in months. I dont care about smash bros or that pokemon go game.

      2. Yes I can read perfectly well but after that comment was challenged by other people you preceded to comment on a list of games saying that they were old or ports. Do you still not see how you complaining about older games and ports and bemoaning the lack of new games then when a new one comes you say you’re going to wait is a bit rich?

      3. He is someone who thinks that Nintendo trolled him with the Wii U line-up of games when he doesn’t understand that Nintendo doesn’t wanted the Wii U ended up like that and that’s why they are rereleasing the games once again on the Switch because MOST PEOPLE didn’t even bought the Wii U. So expect to see him most of the times to write those comments.

      4. +P Edwards
        I’d ignore this guy if I were you, he’s obviously 1 of those guys that’s gonna complain no matter what Nintendo does. I bet if they gave him the “Hardware Revision” he wants, he’d probably complain about it being too expensive. I don’t even know why people want a hardware revision, the only area I find lacking is the storage space which can be easily fixed by buying a decently sized microSDXC card. As for the power, I have no complaints, any game I’ve played has ran smoothly and performs just as I want.
        Besides, he admitted himself he doesn’t care about Smash Bros and Pokemon Let’s go, that’s his problem, not Nintendo’s.

      5. Ladies and gents pull right up to the googleplex stadium because today for one night only we have oursleves an all out NERD FIGHT!!! That’s right folks, anachronisms will be stated, ur mum jokes will fly and in this fight all it takes is one small typo and it’s over for our challengers.

        Tickets are $19.87, $15 if you order ahead through giant eagle. Children 6 and under get in free

    2. So if you don’t have a Switch, why are you complaining about the Switch’s supposed “awful” lineup in 2018?

      1. He is just salty is all, he probably has no friends so he comes here seeking attentions with poor quality bait…
        Instead of “trolling” just join the crew and have some fun, switch aint that expensive save for a few months and you are good.
        I dont mind being your friend too

      1. I somewhat agree with gamingfan. It is annoying when half of the switch’s lineup are ports which arnt even old enough to get a port (My opinion). But, they are gonna announce more so I would wait til Christmas to complain after all of them are announced tho.

    1. Ues I preordered day one, hoping this will be the first from a long list of 3rd party quality RPGs for the system

  1. I’ve been with Nintendo on the day of release since the GameCube and have every major platform they have released.

    I’d say the Switch has been one of the better first years and continues to bring some good/great new games and some really good ports which most people wouldn’t have bought due to the Wii U confusion.

    This year has had some very good new games so far and some new IP’s too.

    They have said they have an announcement to make soon about the latter half of the year so there’s no point worrying about those games.

    Traveller looks like the spiritual successor to Bravely Default which I’ve been wanting. This is stacking up to be quite the RPG/JRPG machine.

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