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Ridley, Inkling And Wolf Amiibo Arrive 7th December Priced At $15.99

Nintendo has reconfirmed on Twitter that the Ridley, Inkling and Wolf amiibo figures will arrive on 7th December, which is the same date as when Super Smash Bros Ultimate launches on Nintendo Switch. These figures will be priced up at $15.99. Many of the original Super Smash Bros amiibo will also be re-released and they will be priced at $12.99. Here’s a better look at the three new amiibo for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.



21 thoughts on “Ridley, Inkling And Wolf Amiibo Arrive 7th December Priced At $15.99”

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  1. Now the scalpers on ebay are gonna price gouge the hell outta these amiibo the moment they buy all of them before everyone else even has a chance.
    I know for a fact that since I live on the east coast of the US these amiibo usually sell out before I’m even able to pre order them from some retailers, especially exclusive retail amiibo like the Skyward Sword Link amiibo. God I despise Amazon with every ounce of hatred in my body.

    1. The design of the amiibo have improved over the course of their production. Compare the BotW amiibo to the earlier Zelda amiibo and you can see they have improved visually, the same goes for the FE and Splatoon amiibo when compared to the earlier versions from their respective franchises. The Metroid amiibo have always looked good imo tho, but that’s because I’m just a huge Metroid fan.
      God I will be extremely salty if I can’t get a Ridley amiibo at the very least. I own every FE, and Metrod and Splatoon amiibo so far. Would own every Zelda Amiibo but Nintendo are being a bunch of D!@#* and refusing to re produce more Skyward Sword Link second revisions of Twilight princess amiibo.

      1. I’ve given up waiting on Nintendo to smarten up & re-release the anniversary LoZ amiibo. I got WW Link, WW Zelda, & MM Link amiibo from Amazon this month for almost 70 bucks. Just need SS Link, TP Link, Pixel Link, Bokoblin, & Smash T. Link to complete the collection. (Hoping I’ll get to add Smash OoT Ganondorf, Young Link, & LBW Zelda to this collection at some point.)

  2. I’ll be looking to add all of these to my collection. I already obtained all the Sm4sh amiibo, what’s a few more so I can have everyone coming back for Ultimate too?

    I’m gonna need a bigger shelf…

  3. There’s no excuse for Nintendo to charge more for the newer amiibo than the old amiibo. Other than, they’re greedy and they want more money than necessary. If they’re the exact same size, and do the exact same thing, then the price should be the same ($12.99).

    1. Inflation maybe? Things don’t stay the same over time + they’re pushing boundaries to see how much they can take from us before we say stop.
      We had to pay 1899NOK for SNES Mini and 200-250 for plenty of the later Smash Amiibo. They push it all the time, and corporations aren’t to earn money… they are there to earn as much money as possible. Not that I defend a higher price point. I hate it.

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