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Japan: Nintendo Starts Store Promotions For Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu And Eevee

Nintendo has already started to promote their upcoming hits Pokemon: Let’s Go! Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go! Eevee. Dr. Serkan Toto has uploaded some images on Twitter from  Yodobashi’s Akihabara store showing some big cuddly Eevee’s. Take a look at the images from Twitter down below.




      1. Are you really just gonna ignore that these people are not even paying attention …
        2 girls at cute Eevee, because eevee not that game.
        One promo guy and other guys are all watching PS4 games, lol ;-)

        And I wasn’t even talking about the pics, but the trailer, the trailer is full of children, so Poke Company aims
        this at kids.

        Pretty cringe “adults” defending this like Cardboard, I remember all the reddit cringe post about cardboard.
        Still playing your cardboard outside with people from work ?
        Comone bro it’s for kids.
        They got the adult cash from Zelda, now they going for the kid market before new console.
        It’s the same shit like always. Or you think the new CEO is such a genius … stop. Just another boring dude.
        Rip Iwata.

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