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Walhart From Fire Emblem: Awakening Can Now Be Your Ally In Fire Emblem Heroes

Walhart is one of the latest additions to the ever-expanding roster in Fire Emblem Heroes. The character, who first appeared in Fire Emblem: Awakening, is a new Grand Hero now available in the mobile game, where he can be found in Special Maps. He can become your ally after you defeat and conquer him. Walhart is regarded as the man with the ambition to conquer everything, so you may want to keep that in mind for motivation purposes as you’re trying to take him down.


11 thoughts on “Walhart From Fire Emblem: Awakening Can Now Be Your Ally In Fire Emblem Heroes”

    1. I guess people hate that they give so much spotlight to “popular” Awakening/Fates characters?
      Though if I’m correct, this was second awakening and we have had only 1 fates legendary heroes so far.
      Blazing Blade has two legendary heroes as well.
      I would have been fine if they kept legendaries exclusive to this game, like Fjorm and Guntthra.

    2. It’s not that they hate Lucina’s character, it’s just that she already had 4 different alternates of her before, just like Lyn. IS chooses to give alts to the same characters over and over while many other popular characters (such as Alm, Marth, and Eliwood) have one or none.
      Personally, I am fine with giving Lucina another alt, considering this is her first Legendary one and her only new alt in about a year, but I can see why the fans are disliking this.

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