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The Nintendo Switch Has Saved Japan’s Video Game Console Market From A Decade-Long Decline

The Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association, or CESA for short, has some new information about the state of Japan’s video game industry. The Nintendo Switch has been very successful in Japan, and it turns out that it is so popular that it has brought Japan’s video game console market out of a decline that started in 2007. In 2017, Japan’s video gaming market hit 386,700,000,000 yen, or $3,500,000,000 USD. This is a year-on-year increase of 22.7%. The CESA said that the only reason why the trend was reversed was because of the Nintendo Switch.

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  1. And Apple saved everyones Mac and Phone from water damage-cost, since after the Floods and earthquake in Japan, an American company supports the Japanese people, unlike greedy Nintend with the crappy Joy Con thumb-sticks and bend bad designed Switch.

    We want a revision fast ! Full redesign Joy cons and full redesign Switch hardware. Maybe do something back after 20 years instead of these stupid virtual silver coins on mynintendo.

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    1. Comparing Apple to Nintendo is stupid.

      Apple is a company that is born to let people experience the use of a computer (Mac) and smartphone (iPhone) with very good ideas.

      Nintendo is born as a cardgame company that has the same one objective in those days with consoles. Bring fun to everyone with their ideas.

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      1. I could say the exact same things about Nintendo. They’re greedy with their overpriced Wii U ports. The Joy-Cons are poorly designed. As is the dock. So is the puny 32GB internal memory. So are the overpriced, limited capacity cartridges. The Switch specs for a console are weak. There are other flaws like charging to backup save files come September and that’s the only means to do so, that’s not a design though, that’s a choice. Just like not having a browser, a proper Virtual Console, apps, etc or their convoluted crap limited voice chat using your mobile phone.


      2. link2metroid… for a pretendo remedial, you really need to remove that Samus icon and shut the fuck up. You’re truly making a complete fucking ass of yourself.

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  2. Epic Games said Fortnite’s Save The World probably isn’t coming to Switch, so the Switch decided to one-up them and save the entire market from decline in Japan. Well played.

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    1. Nintendo Messiah… the Commander approves your comment. If it weren’t for the Nintendo Switch, the entire video game console market could have been the end of the video game industry since the demise of the Atari 2600 (VCS).

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    1. As much as that is an opinion, I agree. It should have had a hub world and a few less moons in my opinion, they were too cheep they might as well have been coins.


    2. It’s weird. I 100%’d the moons it but really didn’t enjoy it enough to know why I did that. The game only got interesting after “beating it.” Movement and jumping felt great, its pretty, and there was some creative level design, but I didn’t like the focus on treasure hunting. 7/10 for me.


      1. well the moons amount was specifically designed around the Switch’s design, with its handheld mode. U culd tell the game was influenced on the Pick up and Play.


  3. “The Nintendo Switch Has Saved Japan’s Video Game Console Market From A Decade-Long Decline”

    Absolute nonsense. It hasn’t saved the “CONSOLE” market. The Switch has only continued what Nintendo’s previous handhelds have done. People aren’t buying the Switch for its tacked on TV Out mode. They’re buying it because its the successor to the 3DS.


    1. Shut up, Meg. You really need to stop spreading bullshit and pursue a new hobby… like ballet. The true fact to the matter is that the most people buy the Switch shit-tons more than the Wii U.

      It’s over, pretendo… and you can’t do a fucking thing about it. The Nintendo Switch saves the console market in Japan just like the way the NES was saved the video game industry here in the United States.

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    2. Hm, well, it says it saved it from a “decline”. Meaning, less and less people playing video games. Not so much that consoles themselves were in danger or something. If that was the case, PS4 wouldn’t have sold as much as it has.

      IIRC, handheld gaming is big in Japan. And since the Switch doubles as a console and a handheld, they win either way.

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