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Italy: Nintendo Switch Boxes Will Come With Small “Free” Fortnite Branding

It looks as though Nintendo is set to cash in on Fortnite, at least in Italy. Amazon Italy shows that Nintendo Switch system boxes now have a small sticker on them in the bottom right hand corner stating that Fortnite is free via the Nintendo Switch eShop. Users who purchase a Nintendo Switch in Italy can download the game like anyone else but won’t get any special perks or skins.



25 thoughts on “Italy: Nintendo Switch Boxes Will Come With Small “Free” Fortnite Branding”

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    1. Tbh, some of the trolls used to make this comment site entertaining. But, they don’t really try anymore. So, it’s kinda whatever. Lol.

      1. You don’t get it. If you will be forced to make an account, you won’t be able to insult everyone because then your account would be banned, so you would have to make new account (and new email as it’s 1 account per 1 email address), which would eventually truly frustrate you and you would stop making insulting comments.

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  2. This is kind of weird… I mean, not even a Nintendo game. Are you serious Italy? I guess they gotta make a buck somehow…

    1. It’s their way to capitalise on the Fortnite-craze and at the same time make the Switch purchase more appealing buy stating “You don’t have to buy a game to start playing”.

      1. Considering this is the first Nintendo console not to have a pack-in game after Wii and Wii U, I guess that makes sense. Should be a first-party Nintendo game though, and I still say it should be 1-2-Switch as it’s nothing more than a glorified tech demo.

        1. I do totally agree that it should be a Nintendo title, but from a business (and somewhat cold) perspective, it doesn’t cut on the profitmargin for Switch if they share a game that’s free and they haven’t put development money into. 1-2-Switch would be fine as a bundle-in, but Nintendo do want people to buy that as well… Sigh…

  3. Honestly if I got one of these I’d take the sticker off and use it somewhere else. It’s not a bad sticker.

    Anything to sell the system!

  4. This helps Fortnite more than it helps Nintendo. I don’t understand what they were thinking! If Fortnite was preloaded it would make sense but this is just silly.

      1. What is your problem? Are you just going to stalk all my posts just to ask that? You must really have nothing better to do, which is quite sad.

        I think YOU are the one who’s gonna cry now.

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