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Panic Button’s “Impossible” Game To Bring To Nintendo Switch Would Be Horizon Zero Dawn

Panic Button have done a fine job with their porting work on the Nintendo Switch and one game that many thought impossible to run on the Switch was Wolfenstein 2. Although quite a few comprises were made to get it running on the system, Digital Foundry was impressed. The team at Comic Book asked Craig Galley (Founder & Technical Director), D. Michael Traub (Founder & technical Director), and Andy Boggs (Technical Director) what their dream “impossible” game to bring to the Nintendo Switch would be and their answer has surprised many as it is Sony’s graphically intensive Horizon Zero Dawn which is currently available on PlayStation 4.


41 thoughts on “Panic Button’s “Impossible” Game To Bring To Nintendo Switch Would Be Horizon Zero Dawn”

  1. I think it would be possible, would it look great? No. But it’d be possible. Only thing stopping it is that it’s a Sony exclusive, and will likely always be a Sony exclusive.

    1. How would it not look great? It would look completely fine. It wouldn’t be 4k but neither is first gen playstaion 4s or are still many tvs. So yes it would still look great.

      1. It’s an open world game with way more advanced graphics than Zelda BOTW and Skyrim in every way.
        So to get it running you would have to make a lot of sacrifices and in the end the game would probably not look that great.

        It’s different when you are working with a game that is not open-world because it’s easier to work out memory balancing and stuff like that. But for open-world games there is constant read/write to memory.

        Skyrim works because it’s so old and doesn have so high requirements with todays standards. Zelda Breath of the Wild “works” because it does not have that high requirement to begin with and relies on a style that is not ment to be realistic, Doom and Wolfenstein works because they are not open-world and easier to optimize for. Plus the team really did a good job with what they had.

        Horizon would probably have to be downscaled to the point were it looks blurrier than doom and on graphical level closer to skyrim.

        Imagine “Skyrim – Blurry edition (480p)”

    2. Eventually they think the Switch would be CPU limited. Not everything can be scaled, with graphics you can cut, with the CPU it can be more difficult.

  2. It’s better on the PS4 for HDR if you own a real HDR tv, not a HDR tv of 800 Dollars. Because it’s all this game has very good graphics. Gameplay is (very ironic) childish compared to Zelda botw.

    Its kinda funny how PS4 games looks mature, but the gameplay is easy , press button interactive for children game design

      1. HZD is a good game especially for the 20 bucks at best buy for the complete edition. Don’t listen to the trolls. It is totally worth the 20 bucks.

  3. It’s not bad, bad. It’s not garbage. Just don’t expect quality mid and end game like Zelda, Mario games.

      1. The idiot is probably the person that can’t acknowledge when someone is obviously overexaggerating, but okay.

  4. Pointless conversation. Better focus to more achievable ports and those that are not exclusives. Divinity Original Sin, Bioshock Trilogy, Dead Space Trilogy, Overwatch, Red Dead Redemption. The list is endless.

  5. The game sure is pretty… boring actually. Not worth the effort imo. Nier Automata or Persona 5 would be a better choice.

  6. Not sure why it’s surprising that this game would be impossible to make work on Switch…I mean anything is possible with enough work, but you’d be looking at a drastically changed game, somewhat how Genesis and SNES titles of the same name often had huge differences.

    Zelda BOTW strained the Switch hardware. Come on lol.

  7. I think it’s to be expected Switch will not really get certain graphically intensive titles. There’s only so much you can do.

    I don’t really mind ports of older games as long as they’re good. Which is why I got Skyrim again. Looking forward to see what else they’ll bring.

  8. With better hardware revisions and larger cartridge memory it would be possible if only Horizon wasn’t an exclusive. Good thing I own both a Switch and ps4, I can enjoy almost all games, I just need a high end pc for the exclusives on pc, and yes there are plenty of games on pc that have and never will come to consoles, if you don’t play pc games then you will never see the type of games I’m talking about.
    Off topic…
    Seriously though if you all looked hard enough for half the games I’ve seen you would definitely want a pc as well because there are some really good games coming from smaller devs on the pc only, and you won’t find them on stores like steam, gog ect, it takes some work looking for the things I’ve seen, like that Record of the Lodoss War 2D metroidvania game….
    and there are so many more gems like this on PC.

    1. Tbh, I wouldn’t necessarily say you need a high end one if you’re after exclusives. There’s not much I can really think of that pushes the PC aside from third party multiplats.

      1. I need a high end pc for multitasking like painter, photoshop, Zbrush ect. I’m not only playing games on my pc, I do other things as well, but I do intend to play games on it though and will definitely love to push the fps to the maximum. My idea of a high end pc is CPU cost, not GPU cost, so I’m not really into the whole 4k hdr realistic graphics nonsense, just smooth gameplay with reasonable visuals for pc exclusives.

  9. I 100% complete horizon on mine ps4. Without hard compromises horizon never run on Switch.. Switch is better for jap rpgs and great platformers :)

  10. its an excellent game. The one gripe I have with it, is the lack of gyro aiming with the bow. BOTW seriously spoiled me with that and its tough to go back.

  11. Impossible because it’s a Sony exclusive. Maybe if Sony ever lets exclusive rights go in 15-30 years (like selling the developer that made the game & let’s them take the game with them), then it could end up on a Nintendo system but it won’t be Switch as Ninty will most likely have a new system out by then.

    Some of the people trashing this game are only trashing it because it’s a Sony exclusive. If Horizon Zero Dawn EVER ends up like Crash Bandicoot & is no longer exclusive to Sony systems, some of these same people trashing it will be fawning all over to get it on their future Nintendo system just like they are doing with Crash Bandicoot now.

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