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Twitch: Dragon Ball FighterZ Was EVO 2018’s Highest Watched Game

The gorgeous Dragon Ball FighterZ was the most watched game of the EVO 2018 tournament in the competitions history. The final, which took place on Sunday, had over 257,000 concurrent viewers which was a first for the tournament. The Dragon Ball FighterZ event managed to hold the top spot on the streaming platform overtaking Fortnite’s viewership.


4 thoughts on “Twitch: Dragon Ball FighterZ Was EVO 2018’s Highest Watched Game”

  1. Awesome! The beta is out for this game, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. On all the xbox social whatevers, there is a ton of fortnite crap everywhere, and i groan when I see it. I’m glad that the world finally decided to watch something worth watching. What do you have to say to that, JakePauler?

  2. For Smash fans
    Melee peak viewership: 200K
    Sm4sh peak viewership: 43K
    So total 243K for Smash viewership. P good. P good.

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