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New Information Emerges For Yo-Kai Watch 4

One franchise making the transition to the Nintendo Switch is the Yo-Kai Watch series. It’s incredibly popular in Japan and the fourth entry in the franchise should do particularly well on the Nintendo’s latest platform this winter. New information on the game has appeared in the latest edition of CoroCoro. Here’s what was revealed:

  • More Than One Protagonist – Players can freely control Natsume, Keita, and Shin, the protagonists of the three worlds. Additionally, other characters that appear in the Shadowside anime are also playable.
  • Battle System Evolved: Humans Join In – The battle system of Yo-kai Watch 4 is completely different from previous games. Human characters like Keita and Natsume will participate and work together with their yo-kai companions.
  • A Fourth World – There is one more world outside of the three worlds that make up the setting of this adventure. A “fourth world” only in Yo-kai Watch 4 also seems to exist. The key to opening the door to this fourth world may be the Yo-kai Ark.


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  1. – Insert Comment about how this game looks better than a Pokemon Remake Title that is the first HD Pokemon Game developed for a system using completely new arcitecture yet still complain about how Yo-Kai Watch 4 looks better despite the fact the devs behind the game have already worked on HD Console well before GameFreak here –

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