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My Time At Portia Creators New Game To Be Published On Nintendo Switch

The folks over at CIRCLE Entertainment have announced today that they have partnered with developer Pathea Games to release the studio’s next game on Nintendo Switch. The game is titled Protoform and is an in-depth puzzle and exploration game. The company’s most recent project is My Time at Portia.

“Protoform is a game that’ll deliver a clean aesthetic, with gameplay that’ll focus upon exploration and puzzle-solving within a large world. In addition it will have an intriguing story to tell, with the goal of drawing the player into the world.
Protoform will arrive in 2019, and much more will be revealed in the coming weeks and months.”

Source: PR

4 thoughts on “My Time At Portia Creators New Game To Be Published On Nintendo Switch”

  1. I’m still anxiously waiting for My Time at Portia. I’ve played it on Steam and REALLY want to play it on my Switch.

  2. It’s so difficult to read these article titles, especially when they have weird game/company names (which a lot do nowadays). I wish MNN could use some sort of punctuation to differentiate the game/company name from normal words.

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