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Wireless Nintendo Entertainment System NES Controllers For Nintendo Switch Online Coming Soon

With the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online which launches on September 18th you’ll be able to play a variety of NES games with your membership. Nintendo has announced today that they will be selling wireless Nintendo Entertainment System controllers for NES. These will be available soon after launch.


  1. I will never even touch the online service, but I will be all over these, assuming they work just as fine with other games with classic control schemes.

  2. Individually those look good… but when attached to the Switch system they wouldn’t be very comfortable for gaming.
    I know their intent was to have slide them on the switch to charge them, but the thing that makes the Joy-Cons work is they were built for both charging AND to be used as if they were a single controller.

    The NES Switch Controllers would be better off coming with quick-charging docks.

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