Nintendo Switch

Game Freak’s “TOWN” Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch In 2019

Nintendo has confirmed a brand new RPG from Game Freak, and it isn’t Pokemon. The game’s working title is called “TOWN”, and it will release on the Nintendo Switch in 2019. The news was from their Nintendo Direct, as well as an official tweet. We’ve included the tweet for you down below.



    1. Prob done by some side team juniors just joining the company and testing some new waters on the Pokémon Go evee Engine. gotta milk out that Go engine before the other one arrives.

      It’s in a small town so Majoras mask did the same with the Ocarina engine. Compact yet something daring on the side lines of production.

      We will see wish this big ass company would go MMO style more, but hey these people wanna stay kids and don’t grown with the times I guess.

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  1. I hope the work going into this game and the Let’s GO games aren’t/didn’t take anything from the 8th Gen Pokemon games. If 8th gen is held back and is just another cheap job by GameFreak, I’ll be disappointed.


      1. I haven’t read the article on my Nintendo Switch for it yet, so I might give this game the benefit of a doubt. Maybe I can use it to replace Pokemon if 8th Gen goes badly.

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