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Nintendo Direct Today At 11pm UK Time And Nintendo Switch Online Service Starts 19th September In UK 18th In US

The Nintendo Direct broadcast initially scheduled for last week has been rescheduled for this Thursday, 13th September at 11pm (UK time) 3 p.m. PT. It’ll last approximately 35 minutes, and feature upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch titles.

To tune in, check out the Nintendo Direct website or the Nintendo UK YouTube channel, where the broadcast will be streamed.

In addition, the upcoming Nintendo Switch Online paid membership service will begin in Europe on 19th September/ 18th September in US. A seven-day free trial will be available for all Nintendo Account holders. More details about the service will be announced in the Nintendo Direct broadcast. For more information about the service, visit the Nintendo Switch Online website.

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    1. Would you want a summer release? Back in the day no, I’d prefer November, but summer is a portable gaming season, so why not a summer release.

      1. It’s the opposite I’d say. summer is console gaming. Everyone’s outta school / work. Winter / school year season would be handheld. Busy schedules, plus the huge travel season of Thanksgiving and Christmas to see Family. Which last two months

  1. So that will be at midnight here in Sweden. Guess i have to see it when i come home from work on friday then, and also not read any news so i don’t spoil anything.

  2. Completely forgot about the week trial.

    Even the hurricane slowed down for the direct (and so I have time to bunker down too).

    Direct Hype back on track!

  3. Are you sure it’s going to be on the 18th? GameXplain uploaded a video saying that the direct is officially rescheduled for the 13th.

    1. Actually never mind I thought the title said the direct was happening on September 18th.

      Wow, how the heck did I make a mistake like? 😑

      1. I know, I somehow read the title wrong.

        Geez, I was having such a good morning so far, too. But nope, I just had to embarrass myself on Mynintendonews today. *sighs* 😞

      2. i really can’t wait for this direct. This is a perfect date right here since it got delayed due to earthquakes in some place in japan. Also, i really hope we get another fighter in Smash Bros on this direct.

    1. Not a chance. If they are giving bonuses to people on their birthday, maybe it will probably be a coupon for a few bucks off of a digital game purchase but no way will it be one free year off of their paid online. Otherwise, everyone will just wait til their birthday to get the service if they know they can get a free year for that day.

      1. Do you mean a free year for that day, or a free year on that day. Ha ha!
        Don’t worry I know what you mean.
        But how about a free year for anyone who’s birthday is on that day just for the launch. It would never happen, but would be nice.

  4. i’m going to throw a prediction out there Dragon quest 11 on the 3ds is going to come out but the bad news is the translation will be done by the nintendo treehouse team so expect a heavily censored game but the game will see a release but it may follow the same way as samurai warriors 3 be a digital only release. which is bad news for physical only players/collectors but good news it would be seeing a release.

    1. That will not happen. Nintendo has no involvement in Dragon Quest so no way would Treehouse be involved in translation. Dragon Quest games are always localized by a European team anyway.

      1. If Nintendo by some chance is paying for the localization of the game, you can bet your ass Treehouse WILL be involved. Got to remember that 3rd parties don’t always publish their own games in all regions and sometimes let another 3rd party do the publishing in a particular region.

    2. i really can’t wait for this direct. This is a perfect date right here since it got delayed due to earthquakes in some place in japan. Also, i really hope we get another fighter in Smash Bros on this direct.

  5. Great! Tomorrow I don’t have to go to college due to Independence day celebration in Honduras! Wooooo!

    1. Honduras is ugly, El Salvador is better🙊 I’m kidding, we both have free time due to independence. :D

  6. Cool, i really can’t wait for this direct. This is a perfect date right here since it got delayed due to earthquakes in some place in japan. Also, i really hope we get another fighter in Smash Bros on this direct.

  7. I’ve been hoping for a Zelda pack with every major game from the saga (the remastered editions) to be released on the Switch. I think it’s a shame that we can only enjoy ocarina or majora’s in ridiculously small screens like the ones on the 3DS family…

  8. Mega Man 11 demo was obviously gonna be the “available right after this Direct” thing if it wasn’t delayed.

    Wonder what it’s gonna be this time if anything…? They’ve been having those out-of-nowhere games with a release date of right now lately (Fortnite, Pokemon Quest.)

  9. I just want a lot of 1st party titles shown, I do wish they forgot about the 3ds and focus on switch more… I’ll have to miss the direct as I’m working (11pm UK) :( lol I’ll catch up right after!

      1. Better not! It’s a dead system in my eyes, focus on your new hardware and get sales up so we get better games lol

        1. I know the 3DS did really well and I agree with the focus on the Switch because it’s now the console I, and also other people, play most of the time (when I have free time) but I want to see what Nintendo is still gonna bring to the system.

          I don’t remeber if Nintendo will support the 3DS until next year and then giving a major focus on the Switch and Mobile

          1. Personally I can’t stand portable gaming, my switch is docked like 95% of the time and although I own so many types of DS I’ve never really played them lol I’m an idiot I know. :P

            Show a game reel for 3ds but it goes on for like 3 mins lol
            We need games for switch! Myself I have not bought any game, AAA or other since Dec, xeno 2, what has there been in 9 months? I not seen any game worth getting yet… I’m waiting for starlink, Mario party and smash :p

            1. Ok you’re prefer a home console since you always have the Switch docked ( same from me) but sometimes I still use the 3DS for getting My Nintendo points and for few games that I still have to complete

              Anyway I understand the you want more AAA games which are coming from october and later so we only have to wait

              1. Yay for home gaming … I don’t know if it’s me but it feel like a long drought again like the wiiu … I don’t get why they keep making games we didn’t ask for and all, where’s F-ZERO? Is that a dead franchise now? It’s been 15 years!
                Don’t get me wrong I love my switch but as I’ve done everything I have on it (still on xeno 2) I went back to play GameCube and Wii and got myself a Xbox one

                Just more Ninty games is what I’m asking for

      2. The 3ds will and is fading, but that’s like anything in time.
        I’m happy with my 3ds, I have the SNES edition with all the games I played as a child and all the main 3ds titles so its there when I want it.
        I’m focused on building my switch library now.

  10. Here’s hoping for two or three Smash Bros. newcomers, two or three echo fighters and a new stage. I’m hoping for Shantae and (even though we have too many sward fighters) Isaac. Unfortunately, my dream of Kat and Anna will never be realized.
    Other then that I want all the info on a new Animal Crossing and Metroid Prime 4, confirmation on Pikmin 4 (or at least a remake of Pikmin 3), and even though the hope is slim, a remake of Xenoblade Chronicles or Zenoblade Chronicles X.

    1. Isaac will be okay because, like the Robins and Corrins, their movesets aren’t fully dependent on their swords as Isaac should have a couple of Psynergy attacks mixed in his moveset to go along with the sword. And they could always give Isaac an axe, dagger, or a lance to subvert our expectations since not all weapons in Golden Sun were swords and their attacks weren’t any different between weapons.

      Then again, if Isaac was to be given any weapon, it would most likely be either the Gaia Blade or the Sol Blade (the ultimate weapon of Golden Sun 1 & 2 respectively.) If we by some chance get Isaac with Felix as his Echo Fighter, Isaac would end up with the Gaia Blade and Felix would end up with the Sol Blade. (If we’re lucky, their Final Smash will be different between each other since their main weapons have different ultimate attacks.)

  11. The ONLY thing that is gonna make me enjoy this Direct is if they reveal they are hard at work on getting cloud saves to work for the things they said won’t be supported and that not having cloud saves is just temporary. Otherwise, meh…

      1. Idk man. Many times we’ve said “it’s already time to show off footage of x game” and lots of times it doesn’t happen.
        We never know what to expect from Nintendo. I still think they’re awesome tho.

    1. True, but can they really hold on to next e3, that’s 2 years since they teased it with an ‘in development short vid’.
      They know Demon well that the hardcore Nintendo fans are itching for some gameplay footage, but seriously if we don’t get any info with this direct Metroid is surely going to be their main 2019 e3 game. ( it probably will be anyway), regardless of it being in this direct or not. But just come on already!

        1. Ah, that Direct. Yeah, if you don’t care much for Smash, it’s understandable. I thought the Smash Ultimate reveal was great and I’m still hyped.

          In terms of new releases, it’s definitely been a slower year than last. I had my eyes on Mario Tennis Aces and Octopath Traveler earlier this year, but it’s mostly been driven by third party releases. If you play your Switch docked mostly and you have another platform like a PS4, there’s probably less reason for someone to use their Switch.

          For me, I still have games I have to catch up on from last year and I usually prefer some third party ports on it due to portability. Ones like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Dark Souls Remastered, Warriors Orochi 4, etc.

          I’m lagging behind and need money-
          But, yeah. That’s definitely understandable. Using your Switch as a home console only really shows it’s weakness. I prefer portable, but I get on the TV occasionally to appreciate some games. Overall, I’m okay for now though.

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