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Platinum Games Says Development For Bayonetta 3 On Nintendo Switch Is Going Very Well

One game that many of you are excited for, and for good reason, is Bayonetta 3 on the Nintendo Switch. It has been a while since we’ve had a new game in the series so all eyes are on the developer to create another spectacular action-packed game. Platinum Games Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba told an audience at the Bitsummit Roadshow: Tokyo that development is going very well indeed. Here’s what the pair said:

“It’s nice to be able to tell you that everything is going very, very well. We’re all very excited about what we’re doing on that game.”


Thanks to darthwesker10 for the news tip!

13 thoughts on “Platinum Games Says Development For Bayonetta 3 On Nintendo Switch Is Going Very Well”

  1. neat! hope that means we will get a 2019 or 2020 release! geeze if we got another 2019 game like this I think this would hands down be the best of the three years lol.

  2. the world ain‘t black or white. studios have indeed often said, that they have to overcome problems or facing certtain challenges and aren‘t sure when it will be ready. Usually though they just don‘t say anything if it‘s just a mormal process. If they say out loud that it runs as well as PG states here, I think it can be considered to be a good sign at least.

    1. @val_berger Definitely a great sign! :D Could happen to be right around the corner :) and I’m sure they are doing their best with their projects despite what’s happening around the world!

  3. Usually when development is going poorly, they’ll dodge the question or give some kind of lame PR response.
    So, hearing this is good.
    Especially since Kamiya doesn’t like to screw around, and is actually upfront with things.

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