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Reggie Puts On Metroid Shirt For The Game Awards 2018 Photo

The next big gaming event of the year is the annual The Game Awards 2018 and by the looks of it Nintendo will once again be present. Geoff Keighly has uploaded a photo on Twitter of himself and Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime. If you check out Reggie’s attire you will notice he’s wearing a Metroid t-shirt. Hopefully this a hint that the game will be showcased during the event. Take a look at the photo below.

45 thoughts on “Reggie Puts On Metroid Shirt For The Game Awards 2018 Photo”

      1. Every straight guy is allowed one man crush.
        I personally think that Keith David has the sexiest voice. And I’m straight as an arrow.

  1. Sometimes, Nintendo seems so unaware of the damage, such a thing can cause among hardcore fans who stop writing SAMUS ARAN with goats blood over their flats walls after seeing this picture, that I really fear this could be totally unintentional.

    If not, it’s a nice hint and it would finally make sense why they kept so silent at E3 – to save the best for the gameawards just after Smash Bros has launched and before XMas happens. That would … totally make sense … So let’s hope Nintendo is aware.

    1. I know nothing about fashion of CEO’s of multi billion dollar companies.
      But to me that outfit combination does not look something that anyone could do unintentionally.

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  3. This is all the confirmation I need! First footage of Metroid Prime 4 and Metroid Prime Trilogy HD announced at the game awards. Definitely

    1. I do honestly believe that a prime trilogy will come first. I hope so. I think prime 4 is gona take some time.
      It’s destined for a console that’s took off with great success and they seriously need to deliver with this game and they know it.
      It’s gona be a polished game for sure.
      Unless retro are gona reveal a new dk pretty soon which is very possible, I bet they still got something to do with this game.

      1. Nah, Prime 4 will undoubtedly be released first. Metroid Prime 3 came out before the trilogy. And a Metroid Prime quadrilogy would be epic. That is, if they can translate Prime 3’s controls accurately enough.

    1. Umm dose anybody not remember the last time reggie wore a metroid merch the game announcement was unrelated to what he was wearing remember dktf kranky kong incident let’s be careful for now

      1. You just didn’t think about it hard enough.
        Reggie wears a Metroid shirt. Metroid Prime was made by Retro Studios. Retro Studios made Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze. Thus Reggie was referencing Donky Kong Tropical Freeze with what he was wearing!

  4. You people need to stop finding hidden meanings in stuff that more than likely doesn’t have hidden meaning, its like finding a hidden meaning for “the sky is blue”.

      1. Yep, finally someone else saw it. Nobody was aware that it was Samurai outfit from last levels before the game even released yet, nobody cared, I do. I always be a lot of attention to the shirts, they always hinting. Miyamoto just loves riddles and you finding out stuff. Like in the booklet from Mario maker with eh secret code covered in his autograph

  5. When Nintendo announced DK Tropical Freeze for Wii U, Reggie was wearing a Samus 8-bit Pin. So yeah… this could mean anything

    1. Narcissist love famous people and to be close to them to feel better about themselves and show others how awesome they are, doesn’t really matter who you are.

      Narcissist love what you do, not who you are

    1. Didn’t Geoff even lead into that announcement by telling Reggie “You look a little Cranky, Reggie!” (because Cranky had leaked already and Nintendo had NOTHING else)

  6. I hope the grin on their faces is not just for the camera. But for the fact they know that prime 4 is gona be revealed and they know it’s darn good!

    I’m still betting we will be waiting to June 19 for any info.
    There’s too much going on at the mo with smash and Pokemon.

  7. Reggie wears a Metroid shirt. Metroid Prime was made by Retro Studios. Retro Studios made Donkey Kong Country Returns and Tropical Freeze. Donky Kong was Mario’s original nemesis. There are three people in the photo and they are referencing December which starts with a “D”.
    Super Mario 3D World Deluxe confirmed!

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