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Merchoid Reveals Official Nintendo Christmas Sweaters Based On Zelda And Pokemon

Merchoid have unveiled the Zelda and Pokemon Christmas sweaters, ready for the Holiday 2018 season.

If you’re a Zelda fan in the Christmas spirit, you’re in luck as the The Zelda: Wreath of the Wild Christmas sweater features Link’s distinctive green mixed with classic Christmas colours, while the Zelda: Tinsel and Triforces sweater is in classic ‘Link green’ with just a splash of brown to channel your inner Christmas tree.

There’s no traipsing around Viridian Forest for hours to find the Pokemon All I want for Christmas is Chu sweater, which features Pikachu in a Christmas hat sharing a festive wink.

Key features


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9 thoughts on “Merchoid Reveals Official Nintendo Christmas Sweaters Based On Zelda And Pokemon”

    1. Look at the real photo’s, it’s bad quality, looks very thin and weak endings. It’s the lowest garbage they could find. They sure wanna from from this one.

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