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Japan: Nintendo Switch Online Prepaid Cards Selling Well According To Major Retailer

A major Japanese retailer has revealed that the prepaid Nintendo Switch Online cards have been selling extremely well in Japan. The retailer, which is called Tsutaya, offers three month or twelve month prepaid cards to Nintendo’s online service. The retailer says that the twelve month card is the best-selling out the two. Tsutaya believes that the twelve month plan is the most popular because of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which would be covered online by the twelve month card.

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Thanks darthwesker10 for the news tip!


    1. yes, its cheap. in switzerland its 28.- chf that is about 25$
      i own a ps4 and never got the online service but nintendo i give a try… mostli for the classic games and ihope there will come soon more :-)

    1. I still don’t understand what sucks about it. It’s competitively priced and grants access to a nice library of games without eating bandwidth just to enjoy it and still encourages social multiplayer.

  1. I’d pay 20-30 bucks more if I could get better features that puts it on par with the competition. Since it doesn’t, least the cheap service comes with a cheap price.

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