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US: Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder Expansion Coming 2nd November Mythical Pokemon Zeraora Available At GameStop 19th October

The Pokémon Company International today confirmed details of the forthcoming Pokémon Trading Card Game expansion, Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder. Set against a backdrop of forested hills, alive with the fragrance of incense from ancient shrines and the sparks of high-voltage Pokémon, Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder fuses the new with the traditional.

Scheduled to release on November 2, this latest expansion includes Prism Star variants of Celebi and Ditto, alongside Blacephalon-GX, Lugia-GX, Tyranitar-GX and the newest Mythical Pokémon, Zeraora-GX.

Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder will feature:

  • Over 210 cards
  • Seven powerful Prism Star cards, including three Stadium cards
  • 13 Pokémon-GX and four Ultra Beasts
  • More than 20 Trainer cards

For the opportunity to try out Sun & Moon—Lost Thunder ahead of launch, head to one of the many prerelease tournaments taking place around the US from October 20-28. Find your nearest participating independent retailer by visiting

For information about the Pokémon TCG: Sun & Moon Series and products, visit

In addition, Zeraora will also be available for owners of Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon. Simply visit GameStop between October 19 and November 9 to receive a secret code and add this lightning-fast Mythical Pokémon to your team.

Zeraora will come with the following stats:

  • Level: 50
  • Moves: Plasma Fists, Thunder Punch, Close Combat, Thunder
  • Ability: Volt Absorb
  • Held Item: Air Balloon


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  1. Grr… No wonder they didn’t have Zeraora at GameStop this morning! They just had to push the release date to the middle of the damn month! They could have at least moved it to the 8th after the Shiny Poipole event ends on the 7th!

    1. Never worked like that, salty. They have patches to put into the games to allow new Pokémon to be used online through trades and battles, not to mention data to remove flags that ban you for trying to use the Pokémon online before release. So shut up and deal with it.

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