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Video: Mega Man 11 Full Game And All Boss Fights

Mega Man 11 reviews are live and so far Capcom’s blue bomber’s latest outing seems to have fairly impressed critics. The 2D platformer currently has a Metacritic score of 79 on Nintendo Switch. One person who has been playing the game is YouTuber Abdallah. He’s produced a variety of Mega Man 11 videos. The ones that we’ve highlighted are a full game play through and a video showing all the box fights. Take a watch below, but obviously both contain major spoilers.

9 thoughts on “Video: Mega Man 11 Full Game And All Boss Fights”

  1. Depending on difficulty vs your own skill, this game could be a lot longer than 2 hours. Oh & let’s not diss 2 hours as too short as if it’s a bad thing. Metroid and the first 3 Resident Evil games could be beaten in under 3 hours and they are regarded as some of the greatest games ever made.

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