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Dragon Quest Nintendo 3DS Games “Weren’t That Popular Overseas”

The Nintendo 3DS saw a number of Dragon Quest games re-released for the system. They sold extremely well in Japan, but they took a long time to come to the west. Dragon Quest series executive producer, Yuu Miyake, recently talked about the Nintendo 3DS re-releases and says that while they were popular in Japan, they didn’t sell as well as the company would have hoped over here in the west.

“Dragon Quest X hasn’t released overseas. The 3DS games weren’t that popular overseas, and some folks jumped from Dragon Quest VIII all the way to Dragon Quest XI.”​


25 thoughts on “Dragon Quest Nintendo 3DS Games “Weren’t That Popular Overseas””

  1. Yet DQIX is still the best selling DQ game on the west on the DS, I wonder why hmm, right because SE does not fucking advertise their fucking games on Nintendo platforms like they do on Sony ones.

    1. I agree whole heartedly. DQ11 and other highend RPGs shall do best on Nintendo consoles. In tune with reality gamers on those platforms these guys are.


  2. How much did Sony pay him to say this? The fact that Sony is not moving DQ11 world wide like Square Enix has these guys reaching for straws. Watch the Switch DQ11 outsell the 80 million install base PS4.


    1. Funny thing is that DQXI on the PS4 has not surpassed 1mil yet and the PC version flopped only selling 190k(check steam) so far, they sure were smart on using resources on the PC version instead of the Steam version right? they are idiots.

  3. Maybe it has something to do with the composer blocking the orchestrated music from appearing on the western releases? Hell, I’d rather play the PS2 version of VIII because of it.

  4. I only played one DQ game and personally found it pretty boring and repetitive as far as turn based rpg’s go…

    I found myself lazily repeating the same actions over and over without having to think about what I was doing. Then I stopped playing the game and didn’t play any others.

  5. Well maybe release a fucking game here on the Switch it’s 2018 and the only shit I have seen was lagging at 30 fps and lower, so don’t expect me to get excited same with the boring Minecraft rip off. I’m not that bored !

    1. For me, its because DQ8 doesn’t play in 3D. Why would I play non-stereoscopic 3D games on the 3DS?
      Would just get a Switch, but I know they are making a 4DS. Still plan on getting a Switch as soon as I can find affordable rent.

    1. Only Dragon Quest 7 plays in Stereoscopic 3D. That’s the only one recommend the 3DS version over the other versions for us westerners.

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