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Nintendo Applies For Let’s Go To The City Trademark

Nintendo has applied for a trademark for Let’s Go To The City, which as you know, is the name of the Wii version of Animal Crossing which was a huge success on the system when it launched back in 2008. The trademark is for purposes including ‘program for home videogame machine’. The very same game had a different title in North America as it was called Animal Crossing: City Folk.


18 thoughts on “Nintendo Applies For Let’s Go To The City Trademark”

    1. Probably just have to get the trademark again for the purposes of keeping ownership of the name. Make sure no one tries to buy the rights and claim ownership when Smash Bros uses the same in trophy descriptions

  1. One of the most misleading names for a game ever. You aren’t even going to an actual city but what feels and looks more like a storefront for an outside mall in the middle of nowhere.

        1. Well cities don’t have to be sprawling metropolises filled with giant buildings. The mall thing could have been located in your village with the museum, Tom’s store, the mayor’s office, and the other stores already in the village to make up the city located somewhere in the middle of your village with the villagers’ homes surrounding it. Also for the characters that visit your village to sell their wares, an empty lot would be located in the center of the city where you can find them setting up a portable store front for their store.

    1. For me it sucked because it was just Wild World with the City feature copy pasted in. You also didn’t share a house but that didn’t really matter unless if you were sharing with siblings.

  2. I think they are taking notes from City Folk this time. In City Folk, they had voice chat so I assume they are going to implement voice chat in the new Animal Crossing game. I haven’t played City Folk in ages but I remember being fascinated by the game and I had a lot of play time with it. I think the satisfactory part about City Folk was the ability to take a bus to an area where you could shop for more items. I also remember the game having secrets like Resetti’s workshop opening at a certain time in the city area, and that’s why I think the game was worth playing because of those little implements alongside with voice chat.

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    1. Imagine if you had to listen to Kapp’n sing every time you wanted to go to Tortimer Island in New Leaf. It would get so annoying listening to him sing the same songs over and over again. Thankfully, they learned their lesson from City Folk.

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