Nintendo Switch

Video: Battlezone: Gold Edition – Release Date Trailer

You may have missed it but developer Rebellion has announced the release date for Battlezone: Gold Edition on the Nintendo Switch. The reboot of the acclaimed title will arrive on Nintendo’s latest platform on the 8th November, which is fairly soon. Have a watch of what to expect from Battlezone: Gold Edition in the video below.

“Pre-purchase on the Nintendo eShop now for an exclusive 15% discount. Jump into the cockpit of the most powerful tank in the galaxy and battle the maniacal Corporation ravaging Earth across a procedurally-generated campaign for 1-4 players.”



  1. Yay! … Wait..! *reads the article* Damn it! It’s the reboot! Ew! Hell no! I’ll stick with the enhanced versions of the original 2 that I bought on Steam a few months back! The reboots of Battlezone and Turok can go straight to Hell! D:<


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