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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Compares The Legend Of Zelda To Instagram

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has compared three of the most popular social networking websites to three separate video game franchises. According to Musk, who is known for his fondness of gaming, The Legend of Zelda is Instagram, Dark Souls is Twitter and Bloodborne is Reddit. What he means exactly by these metaphors remains to be seen, but I guess they could be open to some form of interpretation. On a related note in terms of Japanese entertainment, Musk is also a fan of anime.

51 thoughts on “Tesla CEO Elon Musk Compares The Legend Of Zelda To Instagram”

  1. who cares about him, if he keeps going on social media and making IDIOTIC tweets he’ll be out of tesla becuase of his dumb actions in social media. people will also be thinking negatively about him if he keep doing that.

      1. I bet you’ve never said anything stupid in the heat of the moment in your life before. Oh yeah my bad, he’s successful, intelligent and rich, so we have to be extra critical and unforgiving, that’s how it works nowadays, amirite.

        He acknowledged it was out of line and apologized for it, what more can he do? He got punished for it and was the only one to sustain serious damage from the situation. I am in no way defending what he said, it was extremely stupid and not thought through at all, but he’s only human, shit happens. Aplogizing doesn’t make the things unsaid, but it’s definitely a big step into the right direction, and surely can’t be easy to do in front of millions.
        All apart from the fact that this “man” you’re speaking of aggressively rejected Elon Musk in an almost insulting manner, for the mere fact that he wanted to *help* people, dismissing him and the things he has the capabilities to do. Musk was trying to help people in need. He has the resources and didn’t expect anything in return, but people got their panties in a twist anyway. Why? I have absolutely no idea. What could possibly be bad about someone trying to HELP? Even if the proposed idea is not suited as a solution to the problem at hand, there’s different, more respectful ways to express this, especially towards a person you do not know.
        But yeah, I’m not trying to defend the things Musk said by any means, I’m just saying the guy he said those things to isn’t exactly completely innocent of any mistakes either.

        1. You know how it is these days. Once you are offended by someone saying something stupid, you are supposed to stay offended and want the guy crucified even when said guy apologizes. It has been getting worse for the last several years. Elon Musk said something stupid but he apologized and backed down after apologizing. The total opposite of Roseanne Barr who apologized for what she said but immediately started being a total bitch to anyone & everyone that didn’t stand up for her.

  2. I get why Twitter is Dark Souls: both involve being a bit of a masochist in order to enjoy them. Twitter is full of toxic users so you need to have a high threshold for pain in order to deal with them and not go insane. Dark Souls requires having a high threshold for pain in order to continue to play the game with how difficult it is so it doesn’t drive you insane with rage. lol

    1. Edit: no one is hating on this in Twitter shouldn’t we feel good about this because a rich dude know Zelda I mean comparing it might be dumb but a joke is a joke and he makes tons of joke just look at his Twitter page but I doubt it cuz y’all just to lazy to accept that this is a joke I’m not hating on y’all but let’s not be that type of person who judge people for no reason

  3. I don’t understand why Nintendo wants us to and force us to have an Twitter account for Splatoon 2 drawing.
    Rest in Peace Miiverse !

    MIIVERSE blows twitter away ! it was way better and I refuse making a twitter account, it’s full of rage, toxic, politics, propaganda and constant people attacking, arguing, bitter retweeting with own opinion.

    If you wanna see the Ego go humans dear aliens just check twitter. It’s the ego Hive mind.

    RIP Miiverse it was REAL Social Media, because it was social ! and about GAMES ONLY !

    I really miss Miiverse, Rip Iwata and Wii U is underrated.
    Only Nintendo fans understand.

    1. I have a Wii U and used Miiverse on occasion- it was a total trainwreck. The only real use it had was in Splatoon for graffiti (ironically, saying “graffiti” on Miiverse could and would get you flagged for “criminal activity” because of the stick-up-their-asses admins) and Mario Maker where I could use posts to tell a story or leave a cryptic clue in a level I made. Outside of those, Miiverse was trash.

  4. Since when it became popular to talk shit about the man that will soon send the first man to Mars and popularize electric cars in the world? jesus the comments have to be written by 12-year-olds or left extremist.

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