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Japan: Cancelled Level-5 PSP Game Ushiro Seems To Be Revived For Nintendo Switch

The latest edition of Famitsu teases that the previously canceled PSP game Ushiro is being reimagined and revived for the Nintendo Switch by developer Level-5. Gematsu reports that Weekly Famitsu releases on Thursdays in Japan and usually finds its way online on Wednesday, so we should find out more about the game then.



  1. Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time Level-5 reprogrammed a game from a Sony console to a Nintendo one. Yo-Kai Watch was originally going to be PlayStation exclusive but they reworked it to be 3DS exclusive and that went down very well for them. This project is more than a decade old, given the announcement for it was back in 2008. I’m sure horror fans are going to love this and Level-5 is a pretty respectable company with the quality they put into their work, so I have very little doubt this won’t be great.

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