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Videos: Nintendo Reveals New Breath Of The Wild Episodes Starring Link And Larry The Cucco

As part of its Play Nintendo program on YouTube, Nintendo has unveiled a new batch of lighthearted promos that star Link and Larry the Cucco from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The two characters are shown going through Hyrule together, interacting with characters and experimenting with their surroundings. You can check out five episodes of The Adventures of Link and Larry the Cucco in the embedded videos below:


  1. Thereโ€™s Cocoa in one of the villages you have to collect/round up. They have just grabbed one and are dragging it around the map for laughs

  2. This is kinda boring when you do it yourself in the game. Maybe 15 years ago it was fun in OOT.

    We need more dlc like a whole new continent or big island, I pay for it. Like WoW does every year new expansion

  3. there needs t obe a mode in zelda where after u complete the main game there is no more blood moons so u ca go around and kill on the bad guys once and for all

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