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Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Has Had “Strong Sales In Markets Outside Of Japan”

Capcom recently posted their financial results report for the company’s second quarter,  which was a time period of six months that ended on September 30, 2018. According to USGamer, Capcom reported a very successful year, saying that “net sales increased to 42,327 million yen (up 28.5 percent year-over-year) while operating income grew to 10,508 million yen (up 110.1 percent year-over-year)”.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter series was a major factor for the success. Monster Hunter World became the “first single title in Capcom’s entire history to surpass 10 million units”. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, which released on the Nintendo Switch in western regions a couple of months ago, also saw success. According to USGamer, Capcom says that there were “strong Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate sales in markets outside of Japan”.


18 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Has Had “Strong Sales In Markets Outside Of Japan””

  1. Yeah right, meh. Nintendo could bank big cash these week with Red dead 2, but instead choose to make another Wii U box that can not even run third party games this gen.

    Same with Monster hunter world, common bro, will have given up on the Nintendo versions. it’s a insults. Not gonna wait, dream and listen to fantasy stories here, just bought a PS4, time to move on as a consumer.

    1. I understand your frustration, even more so when you only have nintendo platforms to play on.

      They always want to do something “different” for the sake of beeing different ignoring the competition and modern gaming progress since 2006.
      They are 1 or two gens behind in terms of power which prevents us from getting multiplat releases or get an inferior version way down the line.

      Plus their online sucks hard, and their system updates dont bring features costumers want like themes etc.

      However, with games such as breath of the wild, Mario Odyssey, kart8D, Xenoblade 2, pokemon 2019, smash animal crossing, metroid prime 4, daemonX machina and many other exclusives coming soon Nintendo are imo no1 in the gameplay department and have some of the best exclusives, so you might just want to keep your switch be patient and await greatness. In the meantime get a ps4 slim they are dirt cheap and you can play great games like persona 5, KH3, Bioshock, RE7, Red dead redemption 2, god of war, Nier Automata, Nioh and many many more modern days classics that you would certainly miss other wise.

      Ps4+ Switch, (XBO/pc if you like their games/raw power better ) is the way to go to enjoy video games to the fullest

  2. As a Monster Hunter fan, I say with confidence that MHGU is my Favorite Monster Hunter yet. It is super dense and loaded with content and customization.

    It is pretty much the opposite of MH World in many respects, but the best of ‘Old’ MonHun.

    ‘World’ is all about simplification and removing things that are frustrating to new players, all while distracting them from things that are slim, lessened or lost with pretty graphics and obnoxious voiced cutscenes. Some cool things are added too in regard to player movement and attack options, as well as monster behavior. Definately some good new features in there … but a rough first try on a new incarnation.
    (You seriously can’t start a hunt together? Only join a hunt in progress? WTF…)
    World 2/Ultimate, or whatever it will be will surely be amazing. … right?

    ‘Gen Ultimate’ is unapologetically everything and the kitchen sink, plus extra hunting styles that make already complex weapons even more so … and expects you to love it. However you want to play, whatever gear you want to use (even playing ANY hunt AS a Cat [Prowler/Lynian/Palico/etc]), you can do that. … but be prepared to bookmark the wikis and spend tens of hours staring at inventory management screens to get the most of it.

    If you are prepared to dive in all the way to the deep end, I honestly think GU is a better MonHun than World, while World is better if all you want to do is play 20-30 hours to see what the fuss is about and drop it.

    I logged 400 hours into Gen on 3DS and another 270 already after tranfering to GenU on Switch.

    I really, REALLY hope Gen Ultimate is not the last MonHun on Switch.

    MonHun 4 Life.

    1. I’m fairly certain they’ll keep making MonHun for the Switch. There are a lot of fans of the series who prefer the game in a portable form than as a sit and stay experience. Mostly in Japan, but as the numbers show there are a lot of us in the West too. I can see them working with two versions of the series running side by side going forward. The more simplified World style for consoles, and the Classic/Generations style for the Switch.

      1. I think I’m okay with Gen Ultimate being the last game made in the Tri Engine, downscaled to 3DS for 3U, 4 and Gen and Re-Upscaled to WiiU and Switch again.
        (Some Graphics still looked best in TRI, among the pre World games, excluding non-localized PC games. Upscaling the 3DS games just doesn’t look great. It’s frustrating when you KNOW the Switch could make it look MUCH better).

        In my head, what I crave next is “Monster Hunter LAND” … an optimized version of the World engine for the Switch with an ecpanded mix of old and new monsters and tweaked features to best suit the portable Switch platform and Nintendo audience. Local Multiplayer and the Return of all quests being launchable by groups of 4 simultaneously would be MUSTS. Exclusive Nintendo gear would be welcome again. Playable prowlers are just too much fun … especially with how much cuter they look in the World engine. I’d like that back as well. (It’s not just baby mode … Building a Felyne well can wreck monsters solo or in a group as well as any other weapon.)

        I’ve played Monhun with Nintendo since TRI, logging 600+ hours with every game, and being able to grind in hanheld mode is the best.

    2. You can start hunts together, its just some main quest you have to wait for host the to finish the cutscene.
      I have over 700hrs spent on world and lots of people have over 1000
      Sure the game isn’t any complex and the end game kinda sucks but you can play for while with the smooth and awesome combat with your palico that finally feels like an actual companion and the monsters that dont coop and has good hitboxes(for the most part).
      Monster hunter world is an amazing game compared to tri, the sequels will surely be even better

  3. The sales for MHGU would have been even greater if Capcom had been smarter and released the damn game during the Switch’s launch year when there was literally barely anything to play on itt as other 3rd party devs procrastinated like the idiots they truly are.

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