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Nintendo Discussed Switch Console Worldwide Sell-Through Sales Data From April To September 2018

At today’s financial briefing, Nintendo gave a little more insight into the company’s recent Switch sales. They said that “consumer interest in Nintendo Switch is leading to sales of the system. This chart shows Nintendo Switch sell through in the markets of Japan, the US, and Europe in and after April of this year. As you can see, sell-through dipped in April and May but then grew especially in the Europe and US markets, fueled by E3 in June and the dissemination of information surrounding that event and the release of major titles”. The chart they mention can be seen down below.



  1. Nintendo Switch sold 9.3 Million/20 million so far
    for this year goal.(edited)
    9.3 without any great games.. nintendo really could reach that 20 million goal by march

  2. I don’t care as a consumer, I wanna play a good game today and today everyone is playing a new third party game Red dead 2 while we Nintendo fans look like fools again or or so called next gen console.
    I paid same price as PS4 and can’t run a new Rockstar game, even iPhone will get the game ported before Nintendo in the future.
    Nintendo sure has more interest is selling us more plastic, toys, cardboard and other gimmicks instead of something serious software we can enjoy.

    Just stop.

      1. This “Sony for the kids” thing is rather silly. One game getting censored by them doesn’t mean anything. (If they even censored it themselves as the developer could have decided to do it.)

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