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Nintendo: “Our Expectation Is That [Labo] Sales Will Accelerate”

Nintendo took a moment in their financial briefing presentation to talk about the Labo. It was a busy year for the Labo, and Nintendo says that “we have seen how consumers who purchase Nintendo Labo appreciate the unique experiences it offers. Our expectation is that sales will accelerate because Nintendo Labo is a product that people can choose to buy as a gift for kids during the holiday season much like a regular toy”.


7 thoughts on “Nintendo: “Our Expectation Is That [Labo] Sales Will Accelerate””

  1. After half a year I’m nearly through building all things inside the variety kit and it’s a pretty cool package. Not everything is always supergreat, but it’s a very fresh and interesting concept to augment real life stuff like this.
    But then again, if Nintendo would now decide to never release anything more I wouldn’t really care that much. Not because it’s bad, but because I feel like there has been everything said with the variety kit and I don’t really feel like buying more of these things. If my kids want it, I might buy the vehicle kit for xmas, but so far it’s not like it tops the list.

  2. And our expectation as a consumer is great games like others enjoy in their pc or xbox.
    I paid next gen prices and so far I only got Wii U games in 2017 and 2018.

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