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Top Video Game Companies By Game Revenues For The First Half Of 2018

Data insight firm New Zoo has revealed precisely which companies are making the most money from video game revenues during the first half of this year. Surprisingly it is Chinese firm Tencent which has seen the most from video game revenue so far this year and they are followed by Sony and then Apple. Nintendo is listed at number nine. Here’s the data courtesy of Twitter user TomsPlaying.

  1. Tencent: $10.2b
  2. Sony: $6.1b
  3. Apple: $4.4b
  4. Microsoft: $4.2b
  5. Activision: $3.4b
  6. NetEase: $2.9b
  7. Google: $2.8b
  8. EA: $2.7b
  9. Nintendo: $1.5b
  10. Bandai Namco: $1.4b
  11. Nexon: $1.2b
  12. Ubi: $1.1b
  13. Netmarble: $944m
  14. Take-Two: $838m
  15. WB: $836m


10 thoughts on “Top Video Game Companies By Game Revenues For The First Half Of 2018”

  1. Just imagine how much money Nintendo could make if they monetised their business in the same way as their competitors. Nintendo are sitting on so many of the most iconic IPs in the business, yet they are utterly dominated by these other companies who have so much less intrinsic value in their IPs. Thank goodness Nintendo don’t do that, you’ll notice that all of the companies above Nintendo basically have a huge net negative effect on gaming, with the possible exception of Sony.

  2. This shows how stupid people on this website are , it has been like this since the PS1 , Nintendo is great i grew up with them but they lost the battle nearly 20 years ago. They could do so much more with stronger home console , better online system on par with competitors. Not to mention the best IP’s where all created in the 80’s and 90’s. Games like Splatoon , Animal crossing and so called fresh IP’s can’t be compared with games like Donkey Kong Country back in the days or Banjo Kazooi and many many others. Nintendo killed of most of the old IP’s or makes cheap version like the new DK games instead of a fresh take like Breath of the Wild. And they haven’t created much new thats intresting eather. I’m still praying for them to turn things around one day but its taking way to long.

    1. DK. TRopical Freeze to me was like the old DK games. But the problem is when Nintendo makes games, after words they wait 5 to 7 years later to make another game. Example how many years is it from Returns to Tropucal Freeze? Didnt DK returns come on Wii back in 2009? Nearly 10 years later and Switch gets a Tropical Freeze port from Wii U . That game is at least 5 years old. That’s enough time to had made a new game.Where as it would had really caused more people to had bought the Switch had it been an all new DK tittle. That’s why they number 9. They take 7 years or more too long of a break between games. Pikmin 3 cane out un 2013 think. It is 2018. Obviously they didnt work on the game right away for Pikmin 4.

      Starfox. That game wasnt really made from the ground up. That story mode was from 1996 on the N64. They just added new features.

      Metroid came out on the Wii over 10 years ago. Obviously haven’t worked on the sequel immediately.

      The only games Nintendo work on immediately is games like Mario Party. Mario Tennis, Zelda. But they never make games people really want immediately.

      1. I agree on your story allot of franchises are unused for to long specially Metroid wich is my top 3 with Zelda and Mario. One thing I don’t agree on I don’t want a DK Tropical Freeze that feels the same as the old DK , I want a modern DK , like Ocarina of time and Breath of the Wild modernized Zelda and Metroid Prime Modernized Metroid.

  3. Yeah it would be cool if a 3D Donkey Kong game arrived too. Maybe they will. I have no issue with that. Everyone seems to love Breath of the Wild. I cant find the rest of those pictures to continue. So I stopped playing it. It’s fun but not when I have to find those 12 memories. I wish I could have them marked on the map.

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