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Video: Nintendo Russia CEO Yasha Haddaji Has Been Caught Losing His Temper, Cursing & Insulting Employees On A Live Stream

Did you know that Nintendo has a branch in Russia? Unfortunately, for various reasons, it isn’t in a good situation right now. Sales in the region have been poor, due in large part to the branch’s poor marketing department. Nintendo titles are rarely translated to Russian now. Fans largely blame Yasha Haddaji, Nintendo of Russia CEO, for the branch’s situation. The CEO is accused of bad temperament, mistreatment of employees, poor business decisions, and more. Well, one example of Haddaji’s actions has been caught live on an official stream.

You see, Nintendo of Russia had a live stream at Level Up Days, a 3-day event in Russia where you can play Nintendo games and participate in a tournament. The first day of the stream had problems. There were some technical issues, and Nintendo Russia CEO had a live meltdown. Haddaji can be heard losing his temper, cursing and insulting his employees on the stream. If you want to see what’s going on, there are two videos down below. The first one explains the situation going on at Nintendo Russia, including the stream, and the second one is a full upload of the stream itself.


29 thoughts on “Video: Nintendo Russia CEO Yasha Haddaji Has Been Caught Losing His Temper, Cursing & Insulting Employees On A Live Stream”

  1. How does a person like this get into such a high position in the first place?? This reminds me of my work where one of my stupid bosses (he is one of the bigger ones) had a worse breakdown than this and yet he is still here.

    1. He was a head of Nintendo of France or something like that before transfering to Russia. Idk how such a prude can run anything, no wonder it’s kinda tough for us Russkies to be fans of Nintendo, everything is basically half-assed becausw of him, unlike Playstation and Xbox which prosper here well! =/

  2. They better fired this idiot I know everyone needs a job but a person like this working for Nintendo who puts a bad image on there name needs to be fire in a matter of seconds seeing as this could possibly blow up quick all over social media

    1. Being a CEO he prolly has cash to spare for a he’d be alright. As long as he no longer works for Nintendo he can go flip burgers anywhere for all we care 😋 as long as he’s not in a position of power cuz he clearly isn’t cut out for it.

  3. Russia = Florida. (I kidding of course, but let’s be honest weird things happened in Russia – And for Russian Nintendo fans, keep fighting)

  4. I feel sorry for the Russian Nintendo fans, it ain’t fair to them at all, I’m gonna sign that petition if it helps them, they don’t deserve this unfairness, Nintendo HQ better do something about that guy cause he stands for the complete opposite of Nintendo’s code of honor!

  5. I normally don’t reply here, being a lurker and all, but this is just… Sad… It pains me all the crud normal people go through due to someone in power… I really hope this guy is confronted about this by his boss, because this is embarrassing to Russia and the rest of the world…

  6. I remember my boss having a melt down and he did the rock bottom on me, so then he got on top of a ladder and did a shooting star press. After that shooting star, my boss picked me up to shake his hand and to say sorry, but as my hand approached his, he did a stone cold stunner.

  7. They way Nintendo has been, who wouldn’t lose their temper.

    But if any they want is perpetually happy people for the sake of their “image”, they might as well start investing in artificial intelligence for match their superficial intelligence.

  8. I didn’t know Nintendo had anything to do with Russia. For some reason I can’t picture Russians playing video games (or even knowing what they are). Aside from the creator of Tetris etc, Alexey Pajitnov. Makes me wonder how many other branches Nintendo has around the world. I thought there was only Nintendo of America, Japan and Europe.

    1. hOw RaCiSt Of YoU tO sAy ThAt, It AlSo MaKeS yOu A rUsSiAnPhObE, hOmOpHoBe…ok i cant continue with that and yes i am joking and i too didn’t think Nintendo has an HQ in Russia and i hope the Russian Nintendo fans get the justice they deserve.

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