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PQube Says That The “Nintendo Switch Is Like A Sniper While Vita Is There Like A Bird Who Can’t Fly”

PQube has announced in a Twitch stream that they are done with the Playstation Vita. Sales were not good enough, and Sony just doesn’t want games on it anymore. Other platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, are more appealing to support due to their popularity and potential for successful sales. In fact, they said that the Switch is “like a sniper while Vita is there like a bird who can’t fly”.

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15 thoughts on “PQube Says That The “Nintendo Switch Is Like A Sniper While Vita Is There Like A Bird Who Can’t Fly””

  1. Vita was the best handheld experience for years. 3DS had the better overall catalogue (Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, Phoenix Wright, Mario, Pokémon etc), but Vita’s dual-stick, awesome graphics and a massive RPG catalogue+(Uncharted yay one great exclusive!!) made it a great portable system with it’s cross buy/play/save features.

    Now Switch’s just doing all that (except freakin’ Uncharted!!!!111oneone). After Playatation Plus stops on Vita next year, it’s going to be the console where you play digitally bought PSP-games… (AND THAT UNCHARTED GAME!). Switch is a Vita killer and way more.

    1. The problem is, a lot of those RPGs where also on pc o3o and already had one of those, and a gaming laptop, and a windows 10 tablet. The switch has a fine amount of exclusives for people to justify buying it, then they get the multiplats just because they’re there. My vitas just ended up being expensive ps4 controllers, but that’s probably is just because I had a 3ds and felt more motivated to play on the handheld that had games that I couldn’t just play on my tv when I got home.

      1. I’ve had Eee PC’s, Surfaces and Alienware laptops, and you would never see gaming on those things on buses or planes. Or like hotell-rom or a cabin on a mountain where you charge your electronics with solar panels attached to a boat-battery :P

        But I do get you on the PC-platform aspect. Why play it on Vita in 30fps 544p when you can play it whatever you want on PC? Vita was a good amount about good graphics, and when PS4 and PC “stole” all the titles, you kind of lost the motivation for buying games there. Ofc if you were an early adopter you got some first party exclusives for a while, but in the last couple of years only Uncharted is one of the games left worth it’s weight.

      1. You had me at Blazblue. That was my jam roundabout 2010-12. They did have a weird thing for the Vita at the time. Couldn’t possibly have been giving them many sales.

  2. That is a terrible quote. It barely makes sense.

    Even if you remove the ‘there’, what an odd comparison. Is there a Bird called a ‘Sniper’?
    There are the myth ‘Snipe’, which are also a vague nickname for long billed birds. Not really impressive.

    Was he really asking if there even exists flightless birds in the middle pf the statement? (Penguin, Emu, Ostrich, Kiwi, etc)

    What an odd comparison … a Military specialist and a Kiwi bird. I mean … what??

  3. Switch isn’t just a Vita killer. It’s blown even both of the last gen consoles (XB1 and PS4) out of the water for the exact same reason. Horsepower is not the way forward.

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