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Disgaea 5 Developer: Game Was Smooth To Port From PS4, Chose Nintendo Switch Instead Of PlayStation Vita

Japanese website not long ago conducted an interview with Nippon Ichi Software president Sohei Niikawa and it makes for some interesting reading. He mentions how they chose to port the Disgaea 5 title to the Nintendo Switch instead of the PlayStation Vita explaining that it was a smooth process. Read some more key points from the interview below:

  • The difficulty of porting from PS4 to Switch varies depending on how each studio approaches development
  • The porting process was relatively smooth for Disgaea 5
  • There was nothing NIS had to downgrade even in portable mode, the experience still remains same as PS4 version
  • Disgaea 5 was chosen for Switch because it would be smooth to port
  • NIS also thought it would be better to release its key product
  • NIS received many requests to port it to Vita, but if this happened, it would have been necessary to downgrade the game
  • NIS brought the game to Switch as a way of fulfilling the fan request for a portable version of Disgaea 5
  • NIS says they are definitely making more Switch games
  • They will not be making just one game and calling it quits.

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  1. “NIS received many requests to port it to Vita, but if this happened, it would have been necessary to downgrade the game”

    It’s also not in their interest to put the game on a dead system.

    1. Actually the Vita is more popular in Japan than even the 3DS, even nowadays it gets 2nd or 3rd place in hardware sales, it has some incredible 3rd party support by japanese developers, although I think the presence of the Switch will overthrow it.

        1. Yeah. Vita’s got nothing on the triple threat of Pokémon, Monster Hunter, and Yo-Kai Watch over there.

            1. No idea if it is in Japan. That would still leave Pokémon and Monster Hunter. One is huge in Japan, the other is huge worldwide.

    2. They would have to downgrade the game to go to vita? I don’t own one but damn, I thought it was supposed to be a powerful handheld. This game has Snes graphics and it cant handle them? LOL.

      1. It has sprites, but this game would NEVER run on a SNES. Hell, I dont think it would even run smoothly on a Wii. Mainly because of all the occupants you can have, all the enemies towards the end game, and all those special attacks. It would run like crap. A downgrade would be necessary.

  2. And I pre-ordered Disgaea 5’s Limited Edition too.

    It’ll remind me of when I got a Limited Edition copy of Shin Megami Tensei IV for the 3DS. Both of these games were new to me and I enjoyed SMTIV. And I’ll most likely enjoy Disgaea 5 too.

  3. Good to see articles saying how a certain 3rd Party Game will be coming to the Switch, rather than seeing how a 3rd Party Game won’t be coming to Wii U at least Twice every day like we used to.

    1. As a recovering Sony (mostly Vita) fanboy, I thank Sony for killing the Vita and setting me free. I can now see the clear skies. The air is fresher, the water is cleaner, the women are sexier, the mac and cheese is cheesier, and my waller is heavier. (Not that it wasnt, since the vita only got a handful of must have games lol.)

    2. If Sony fanboys cared about the game, it has been on a Sony platform going on two years and they probably already played it. Switch is getting a game that came out two years ago on a Sony system. Why would they care?

  4. Glad I can support this on the switch (although I love my vita for games like trails of cold steel, P4G, Ys, Tokyo Xanadu etc) which I see as the next evolution in handhelds to go accompany Nintendo 1st party and PS4 Pro titles of Nier, Persona 5, Noon, Horizon, Yakuza, RDR2 etc…Man my wallet will be quite active this year smh..

    1. Sad at the end result but I still love my Vita. Sony just dropped the ball on many of its facets. It could have turned out to be so much more.

      Hopefully Nintendo doesn’t do the same with Switch.

  5. The haters and trolls said:

    ” But but the Switch is too weak ”
    ” it can’t run PS4 and Xbox One games ”
    ” it’s barely more powerful than the Wii U ”

    NIS just exposed you dumbasses LOL

    1. You should check out Stone Fox Media. He really hates Nintendo. The comment section is even worse with blind haters. They don’t have a slight clue what they’re talking about.

    2. So let me get this right. You are saying the Switch is a powerful console because it can run a game that looks like it could run on the N64?

    3. That’s silly. There are many different type of games. To say the Switch can’t run any PS4 or Xbox One game would be quite foolish to claim.

      There are games that are very low demand that can be on any system. At the same time, there are games that require a bit more power which would have to be seriously downgraded to run on some systems if it could run at all.

      You can’t compare this:

      To something like this:

  6. Meh. It’s a game that uses 2D Sprites. This could easily get ported to the 3DS or Wii U if the devs wanted it to be on them so to say it proves the Switch is close to the power of PS4 or Xbone is just silly. *shrug*

    1. Let me know when they announce FFXV, FFVII Remake, KH3, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, & other far more graphically demanding games to the Switch without having to cut the graphics down to make it look good on Switch.

    2. Thank you. I thought I had to be the one to bring him back to reality. I’m glad that porting is smooth, but Disgaea 5 isn’t the Witcher 3 graphics-wise. Until someone shows me a current gen, open world, AAA game running on the Switch at playable framerates, I’ll keep my skepticism.

        1. lol fair enough. I’ll be more specific then: A game that doesn’t use cel shaded art style that I can run on an Xbox 360.

          Also we don’t know the size of SMO. All we really know is that it looks pretty.

          1. Good point. Another point I will have to concede is I can’t think of any games that aren’t cel shaded.
            That being said, the cel shaded art style definitely holds up far better than the ultra realistic styles they are going for these days. Then again, with how unwilling western developers were to work on the Wii/Wii U/3DS I don’t particularly see WHY we need them. Would it help boost sales? Yes, but I would bet not by much, purely because most of the “realistic” looking games and franchises already have a place on the Xbox One and PS4 (what with people having friend lists/established gaming groups among other reasons).

            The way I see it, Nintendo is offering something the competition can’t and won’t. That is a gaming experience that is fun. One that can be enjoyed as easily on your own, as with friends or family and not just in terms of local multiplayer. Nintendo have yet to sell out, and be another company that will publish pure garbage like Call of Duty: Ultra Hyper Intensive Graphical Boredom, or Battlefield 5000. It’s the fact neither Sony or Microsoft are willing to turn away from such franchises and take any risks that I feel they have become increasingly stale over the years.

            I recognise the same argument could easily apply to Mario, Zelda, etc. but there is a key difference, or so I believe, and that is the fact games come down to, once again, fun and enjoyment. Plus Nintendo try to innovate; sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but they at least try. Who knows, if the Switch starts strong, and continues to sell, more western developers may jump on board and give us “current gen” games.

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