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Nintendo Switch Game ‘Project Octopath Traveler’ Teaser Website Goes Live

In the Nintendo Switch reveal presentation a game by Square Enix was shown called Project Octopath Traveler. Not a huge amount of footage was displayed but the title certainly looked interesting with its retro RPG mechanics and gritty aesthetics. The games’ teaser website is now accessible and although it doesn’t show much, the theme tune is a joy to listen to.

Check out the website here or listen to the theme track below:

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17 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Game ‘Project Octopath Traveler’ Teaser Website Goes Live”

  1. I guess these sorts of games are what we have to look forward to for the Switch’s third party support. Just like 3DS.

    I’m starting to think the biggest thing with the Switch is that these games that used to be mostly handheld are now on a console and that Nintendo’s console type games can now be taken on the go. AAA western third parties are looking less and less likely every day.

    1. And yet another dumb ass who doesn’t have a clue what this JRPG is all about. Have patience like NORMAL people, Mikey!

      1. Oh… did you get mad because I’m not interested in this game?
        What? Are you going to deny this is a another medieval fantasy themed RPG? Is it not?

        You see, whether or not it has innovative / good gameplay is irrelevant. I never said it had or hadn’t. I only expressed disinterest in its medieval fantasy theme.
        I suggest you chill and let people express their opinion.

  2. I would be much more enthusiastic if it were styled like the last story or something along those lines. I am growing very tired of gorgeous artwork is being wasted on sprite sh-t. It’s just such a waste. Please tell me that they’re actually going to have personalities or relationship development at least. I swear…

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