Video: Here’s A Brief Look At New Mega Man Animated Series

A promotional reel has given us the first short glimpse of the new Mega Man cartoon that is set to air on Disney XD this year. The project has been rumoured for quite some time but at least now we know what it looks like. First impressions aren’t entirely great, but there’s very little footage so we shall reserve judgement until we get a proper look at the cartoon.




  1. It’s sad that Disney XD is now becoming home to all the dork age video game shows/incarnations:

    -Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
    -Yo-Kai Watch
    -Pokemon Sun & Moon
    -And now Mega Man Aki Light (Man of Action Mega Man)

    All that’s missing is Sonic Boom. And maybe Angry Birds Toons, Raving Rabbids, Skylanders Academy, and whatever new video game show is coming to Nickelodeon.

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  2. Video’s made private/down, I looked around and found it so if anyone’s
    curious, you can get it here:

    Film Roman Reel 2016:!koB0QIAZ!rl4A2t_eSLUXGLekFY85k6V8kQyaUUA9KXcD1k3MU1E

    At the moment, I am curious what the final design for the megaman cartoon
    is gonna look like. The fact that the team behind this video came out to say
    it’s not final is likely a reaction from the people who saw it that were either iffy
    or really didn’t like it.

    Hopefully they improve or change the cartoon for the better
    as they continue to develop it..

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