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Capcom Says It Has No Plans To Bring Resident Evil 7 To Nintendo Switch

Those of you hoping to play Capcom’s long-awaited survival horror title Resident Evil 7 on the Nintendo Switch could be left disappointed. The Express Online has spoken to Resident Evil producer Masachika Kawata and director Koshi Nakanishi to ask them whether there’s a chance of the game arriving on Nintendo’s new platform. Sadly the answer is no, though they do say that it is a “very unique piece of hardware.”

“I think it’s a very unique piece of hardware.”

“I’m looking forward to the possibilities of the system itself, but we have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch.”

– Masachika Kawata



    1. Whats wrong with you guys. This just says they don’t have plans to do it yet. Its like reporting that I have no plans of eating… or that I have no plans to get laid… I’m still going to eat and hopefully get laid… the plans just aren’t there. This website is garbage.

  1. Thats unfortunate, but it i always felt it was kinda old whenever capcom brings a RE game to a nintendo console exclusive or not….it’s usually a good game compared to if the games were only for xbox or PS.

    RE4 Great game(was exclusive to the GCN at first then went multi)

    RE5 Decent game….but felt way more actiony then it needed to be.

    RE Revelations Another good game that was exclusive to the 3DS(Til it went multiplatform) was actually really damn good.


    Revelations 2 pretty decent.

    Hopefully RE7 breaks the trend, but from the video’s i’ve seen…it actually looks pretty alright to me.

    1. RER1 was ported from the 3DS over to the Wii U. RER2 was considered too much to port over to the Wii u because fans were bitching how the 3DS version went to ps3 and Xbox 360, but they didn’t support the Wii u version. That’s why third party doesn’t like to support Nintendo because of the fans and the historical that shows that Nintendo fans mainly buy Nintendo products only for first party.

    2. I played the demo of RE7, it brings back survival horror and that scary feeling you get playing the earlier ones. I can’t wait to play the full game!!
      I did not like 5 or 6…at all. But if 7 is anything like the demo, I can’t fucking wait!

  2. Residents evil been shit after 4, 5 was ok, 6 was shit I think the 3ds version was ok, it seems like the exclusive to Nintendo RE games are the better ones

    1. I agree with you, but if you haven’t played the demo for 7, give it a shot. It’s NOTHING like 5 or 6, and digs back into its survival horror roots. I think it’s gonna be a great one FINALLY!

      1. ||Too bad the series is ruined after the fifth and sixth, unless the seventh negates those abominations conpletely somehow…||

        1. The Seventh can’t completely redeem the series, since the dumbasses at Capcom thought it would be brilliant to kill off one of the most amazing villains of all time. (I’m still in denial) BUT it does, most definitely throw away all the FPS crap and go back to scary, survival horror. The demo has like…5 alternate endings. I’m sure the game will have alt endings also. I’m really looking forward to it, but the Demo was critical. I would have never even considered it day 1 with the bullshit Resident Evil pulled the last couple games. After the demo though? I can’t wait to give it a shot.

          1. ||Everything in the 4th was great, only improvements I could see is if they did a true sequel for it, less ammunition and more realistic damage to the bodies permanently, until you die or clear the game…||

            ||And of course more logical mutations and hybrids compared to those 2 abominations where a silly human can turn into a Kraken in 4 seconds, it’s absurb and pure nonsense…||

  3. And people thought the switch was going to be different from the wiiu when it comes to third party. Face reality now so that you don’t cry in five years when they come out with another system and repeat the cycle.

        1. Yeah… I may be more worried than I should at this point. But… Indeed, the Switch is not looking any good so far.

          1. Lets give it some time, the 3DS looked like the end of handhelds for Nintendo, but they managed to turned it around. Of course, the 3DS got a price drop from $250 to $170. So its not given and its very worrisome. *sigh

    1. It looks to be getting the third parties that 3DS had moving to it so that alone is better than the Wii U’s dismal support.

    1. Your a fake game than , weather you like resident evil or not the switch should be able to play 95% of the games made.I for example don’t care about cars but can recognize gran turismo as a great game for the people that like. Even if it was shit though games shouldn’t be skipped for the switch cause Nintendo makes another bad console.

      1. They didn’t make a bad console, and I’m not saying that many people wouldn’t love for it to come to the Switch. I’m just saying personally it doesn’t affect me.

          1. Yeah some people are like that. I actually do have some 3rd party games i want to come to the Switch. The good thing is that many of my big ones are. Like Skyrim, and Dragon quest 10, 11 and heroes 1, and 2. But I’m still hoping for Dragon quest builders, and Final fantasy 7 remake. I did want FFXV but after seeing some videos, and how bad the story seems to be I wouldn’t mind personally if it didn’t come to the Switch.

      2. You are a gamer because you don’t give toF’s about the game but want the system to get support. Not a lot of fans like us these days here. Just too much damage control from others bro.

    2. Not even attacking you, but IMO that kind of thinking is bad for nintendo fans to have. Whether the game is shit or not…..More games on the switch is always better for those who want more options other then juste nintendo games.

      1. ||He never said it was bad, he said he just doesn’t care which doesn’t affect anyone unless shouting like an ape to be heard everywhere…||

      2. I said exactly that? Like I said for me grand turismo is shit but I can see why its a great game, i just don’t care about cars lol. And yes even if a game is actually bad it should still be on the switch cause we want full third party support.

  4. The Switch is just a little more powerful than a Wii U. Once again there will be no AAA 3rd party games on a Nintendo console!

    1. Anyone who hasn’t already purchased a 3rd party box, and games exclusively on Nintendo hardware really doesn’t care. They are happy living in the Mushroom Kingdom ecosystem just like Apple fans are happy with living in Apple’s ecosystem. They don’t want or care about playing anything Nintendo isn’t sliding under the feeding door. So you know what? Fuck it. They are happy, I have an XBox 1, so I’m happy, I can play everything except PS4 exclusives, I’m going to be pissed at Nintendo for fucking up my last Zelda game because they are greedy motherfuckers, and besides that, everybody seems to be great.

      1. Porting to the Switch or not is entirely Capcom’s decision. Nintendo has made a handheld with graphical power quite close to the Xbox One. I would love to play this game on the Switch, because of the portability, but it looks like I have to play it on my PC. Better graphics, sure, but I’d take portability over graphics every day of the week, especially when the difference would be this small. I also think Resident Evil is a much better fit for a Nintendo system than boring AAA games like Ass Creed and Cod.

        1. You say it’s close to XBox1. I don’t think that’s true at all. When we get some Switch Specs, well know for sure, but I think that is wishful thinking.

          1. Well, it’s nowhere near the power of the current Xbox One, never-mind the updated one. You were right the first time. It is a portable Wii U. It may be a childrens toy compared to the other two but it will have some games, graphics wont matter much on it anyways as all the games will be cartoon graphics. The problem with it being so underpowered is that if you are a casual gamer and only buy Nintendo, you wont get the best games, but im sure they know that by now. If I were them though I would be sending some interesting mail to Nintendo and Bioware to tell them to get ME4 on the system, even if it would be a watered down version.

          2. Oh, it depends on what you mean by “close to”. The gap between Xbox one and PS4 will certainly be closer, while the difference between PS2 and the original Xbox probably was larger (this is judging by rumoured Switch GPU alone) . What I mean by “close to” is close enough that you can port games without sacrificing much graphics. So: PS2 was close to the Xbox, the Wii was not close to PS360.

            1. Well, that’s a reasonable explanation, and hopefully true enough. I do believe the fact they use cartridges helps make up for the lack of RAM. – guess we all find out soon. Or when someone gets their hands on one to tear down and analyse.

      2. Whoa, whoa, whoa there. I don’t have anything but Nintendo. And I’m totally pissed at the utter lack of 3rd party support. Which is one of the big reasons I’m not getting the Switch for at least a year, if ever. I don’t want just Mushroom Kingdom haha (not that I don’t want Mushroom Kingdom). I want a Nintendo console with good 3rd party support. Otherwise, I’m out of the game bro.

        1. Haha. Sorry. I shouldn’t have used a firm universal statement there. Of course there will be exceptions and I should have made room for that. :D

            1. I understand you might want to play Nintendo games, but if you want third party games, why limit yourself to Nintendo only then? What’s your reason for opposing consoles? Nintendo hasn’t had big third party support since SNES days.

              1. I am not big into Sony and MS first party much. And I don’t want to spend the amount of money required to have multiple consoles. But some third party interest me.

        2. ||So you rather disappear into the void than getting Xbox abominations? Good because without form, we the Nintendites return to the void while Xbots, Sonyans and the rest are sent to oblivion…||

  5. Yeah sure, support the Switch just to bring some shitty games to it and not port a game like Resident Evil 7. Seriously, you just can’t please those morons. PS4 Sure, Xbox One Sure, PC Sure, why must Nintendo always be the ignored one…

    1. Blame Nintendo dude people wan’t graphics,Blu ray/DvD player, Apps like twitch and Netflix, a normal controller. I have been a true Nintendo fan for 20 years, always defending them and saying there next console will destroy Sony and Microsoft but after the WII my fate crumbled. When I look back it the playstation 1 already took over from Nintendo. I had amazing fun with my n64 but those were 8-12 games while my ps1 had 40+. The gamecube was oke but the battle was already lost specially with the ps2 dvd player,

      Nintendo doesn’t make a true gamers ultimate console but creates consoles for the masses , mothers, childs, tablet and phone gamers. The true gamer will buy a Nintendo console and a PC/Xbox/PS4 to play everything but it shouln’t be that way. Nintendo should offer full third party with 1st party

      1. ||Yes, Multimedia non gaming gimmicks and apps makes people true warriors…||

        ||This is why the gaming world is corrupted beyond logic…||

        1. Yep, so true. That’s why dream cast went out of business, why? Sega was too old with the times and Sony wasn’t. They made a DVD player in their system and that caught fire. Just like your phone does everything or almost every thing, to want our gaming system to do the same thing. And that’s why I have a ps4. Because it basically does everything. Switch doesn’t even have Netflix or streaming. It doesn’t have basic shit Xbox had since the first Xbox dude. Nintendo wants to keep thinking Mario and Zelda will save them. When Reggie goes and this idiot Myto drops off, Nintendo will be whole. But good luck telling me that in order to play a game a basic way, I need to give 70 dollars to buy a pro controller I already have for the Wii u? Yeah, greedy much? 80 dollars for two controllers because you wanna to add some new vibration no one cared about? And you’re calling gimmicks? Ha. Nintendo is king of gimmicks: Wii, 3DS, Wii U tablet, and now Switch. No wonder why no one supports Nintendo. I honestly wish they just went third party so we can just enjoy their first party without this stupidity they do.

          1. ||Nintendo has always been doing what gaming is supposed to be about, games…||

            ||You can call them gimmicks if you want, still doesn’t negate the fact that they are all gaming related unlike the two other infidels that turned gaming into a battle of non gaming related nonsense…||

            ||Not to mention that both the Sonyans and Xbots entered the gaming world to introduce their garbage into it to gain scam resources out of you regardless of it being convenient considering they have always been about non gaming related hardware and software to begin with while Nintendo after the great reorganisation went gaming first and most…||

            ||None of them are true warriors, only pale marks from a once pure essence…||

            1. Yet they have way more great games , every playstation generation I easily own 30-40 games that are all great in my opinion and all get good ratings if you care about such things. I can’t say the same for Nintendo since after the snes and to a lesser extend the gamecube.

              Wether you like it or not , they give the people what they want. Wether you or me like the games they offer or not doesn’t matter what so ever. If I want to play GTA, Resident Evil, Titanfall 2 or whatever game it is I wan’t to be able to do so on just one console.

              1. ||That’s totally subjective, I don’t like 90% of the entire Xbot and Sonyan arsenal…||

                ||But according to your logic and others like you, if you want everything on the same machine, would that mean that all of you would dismiss the other 2 completely if Nintendo someday would create such a device?…||

                ||Because if not then that argument holds no true value and is entirely subjective as most things…||

              2. Bro, I had my ps4 for a year and a half and I’m 30 games in. Wii u since day one and it’s barely at 6 because I sold most of them for PS4 games. Dudes like this guy you’re debating with are those damage control fans. He says no games on ps4 and Xbox 1 interest him, but he never even touched them. This is the same fake gamer who just sticks to one system and never even plays the other games on the ps4 or Xbox 1. I say it because it’s true, I like Nintendo when they do it right, but the switch isn’t right. It’s just a another attempt to hit at causal gamers when their real fans are what buy their shit. They want Wii money again and keep getting greedy for it, thus the pricing of their system and accessories. IDC what anyone says, you wanna support the switch when only Zelda is out, go ahead, but if you say switch is good release with just Zelda or you justify a tech demo game like 1 2 switch at 50 dollars, then you clearly are blind. And if you try to bring logic when there’s no reasoning to the dumb stuff Nintendo did to fans, than keep damage controlling when third party does the magic trick again. Simple

            2. Really? If that’s the case, where are the games? Oh yeah, I don’t see those games on Switch launch day. Didn’t see any games on Wii U either. Didn’t see that many games on N64 either. Yep — Games.

              3DS is gaming related? Yep, that makes sense. It’s you seeing something in 3D not game related. Sony doesn’t do anything new, unlike their VR. Can’t forget Vita TV. Streaming PS3 and PS4 games to your computer. Both Xbox and PS4 play Blu ray. Forgot about that too. Nothing new their.

              No games for PlayStation, yet they have at least 1 or 2 games for each month exclusive to their system this year. Forgot that too. Ps4 and Xbox are scamming with their online features that give you share play, party chat, lobbies and actual online gaming from your system. Cannot do that on Wii U since there isn’t any Wii U games pass my hand online that either don’t work or lag. Switch has a lot of awesome online games this year. Can’t wait for ARMS online too. That will be fun. Along with me spending my 80 dollars to play it with someone else since I have to buy the controller if I want to play with someone. Almost forgot, they have this awesome 1TB on the ps4 and Xbox 1, but good ol’ nintendo gives us 32GB. That’s awesome. Can’t wait to spend 300 on a 512GB SDXC. That’s okay, it only cause the same price as the system. Can’t wait to use my phone app for online… Oh wait a minute, I can party chat through Skype or even with my phone in a call on three way or four way. But since Nintendo’s doing it, it’s going to be so great. Keep damage controlling Nintendo bro, you show me how much of a tool you are when they do the dumbest stuff. The switch is dumb. Can’t even get third party and have to get old ass ports.

              1. ||Quantity doesn’t mean much when you have superior games overall…||

                ||Other than that, I have nothing against so called gimmicks made by the Sonyans or Xbots if they are gaming related which the VR and streaming games on the computer are, blu-ray however is not, and I’m refering to movie watching not the discs…||

                ||I doubt anyone in here will ever understand what I mean with scam, let’s say that certain aspects of the Switch does not have my approval at all either and if the price is too high then so be it, I won’t support those areas…||

                ||I’m a loyalist currently still but unlike the cattle, I’m not blind to the illogical decisions High Command makes, which should have been made clear eons ago…||

                1. All my point is that Nintendo sucks right now. Switch is dumb at 300 when X1 and P4 have a huge library. An Xbox 1 at 300 is a 1TB system and a game. It does everything and upscale 4K out the box. Sony is selling their 500GB systems with a game. And for 400, they still selling and making money off the Pro. Nintendo doesn’t want to learn and we all know the switch is a fucking bomb waiting to go off. My first ever system I will not support at launch, and it’s not because I don’t like the switch – I love the switch and the idea of what it will and can do. I won’t support it because of price point, no games, overpriced accessories, horrible concepts for online support, and the fact that it is fucking 2017 and dudes wanna give us 32GB of storage.

              2. To me, the Switch is a great idea. Sure, Nintendo does a lot of things wrong, like focusing on rumble, while not even having earphone support in their controllers. But mostly, this piece of hardware seems really great. I’ll gladly play Zelda, Xenoblade and No more Heroes on the Switch, but sadly, it seems I have to play RE7 on my PC. I have no idea what Nintendo could do to convince companies like Capcom to bring their games, but it’s ultimately Capcom’s decision, not Nintendo’s.

                1. Read my other comment. I love the idea of switch, love the idea of it going with you, love the cartridge idea, though having colored carts would add a lot of value. What I don’t like is the idiotic games they made, the call to begin to undership systems to drive hype, charging me 70 dollars for a pro controller, and bad online. 32GB for a system is just dumb. I know why it’s 32 since flash memory is so much, but an HDD could have been put in that systems dock.

                  1. There are already 2 other poor man’s gaming PC:s on the market, handheld is how they can compete, at least on the Japanese market. Yes, in the west, high specs combined with Nintendo games might be a better selling point. Game companies are businesses, so they port games if they think they will sell, in Nintendo’s case only if the install base is large enough.

      2. Nintendo is about gaming first and foremost. You can’t say Nintendo isn’t adapting to the times when motion control, rumble and the like are standard now.

        And don’t blame Nintendo for players failure to adapt to controllers that break the mold. It annoys me when people say “we want a normal controller” in the same breath they say “Nintendo can’t get with the times”. It’s like logic is tossed out the window.

        1. Motion controllers are not the standard, unless you think one out of three consoles equates to the standard. PS and Xbox got rid of Move and Kinect a while ago. Rumble is standard (to some people it adds nothing, but it is still there) bit HD rumble is not. You can’t just say things are standard just because you think they are. You might enjoy them, and a lot of other people do too. But that does not make them standard.

          1. They never “got rid” of Move and Kinect, they just stopped supporting it, like third parties stopped supporting Wii U. And yes, motion controls are now standard as they’re a part of every controller across the Big 3. And I personally don’t like motion controls.

          2. They aren’t supporting the PS Move but the PS4 controller does have gyro sensors for motion control. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Xbox One has a controller with something similar. It might take a bit but motion controls are slowly starting to become a standard in some capacity. If any good can come from Switch, I’m hoping it’s making motion controls an awesome secondary option for playing games. Maybe the problem with motion controls starting off on Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation 3, & Microsoft Xbox 360 was trying to make motion controls a standard in gaming before the tech was fully ready. Remember how motion control was simply wagging the controller? Yeah. Not the best start for motion controls. @.@ If the tech was more advanced back then, we’d probably be looking at a totally different mid-8th gen right now.

    1. ||We are watching Mr.Dunne, leaks are not good for your health insurance…||

  6. Maybe they meant “moral support” when they said Switch would get 3rd party support.
    Jokes aside, there is no-one else to blame but Nintendo management idiots who still lives in the Wii bubble (sorry for the strong words).

  7. I’ve seen this story play out before… Hmm where was it… Oh yeah, the Wii U. It just keeps piling on. My wait and see approach is looking better and better.

          1. Haha thank you. I’m not on here as much as I used to. So not looking to get into arguments. Humor works better on my opinion. I’m trying to be chill in my old age.

  8. I just hope they give us Ultra Street Fighter IV or Power Stone 1 & 2.

    Marvel vs Capcom Infinite (whatever infinity means in that game) is also a good bet, but it’ll probably pale in comparison to Marvel vs Capcom 2.

  9. Yeah fuck you Capcom I will skip the game since I’m putting all of my money to the Nintendo Switch this time eventhough I have a ps4 I will not buy it.

  10. For those saying this is the same situation as the Wii U, it’s not. Let’s look at some facts.

    Yes there is a weak launch line up and very very safe third party titles (Ultra Street Fighter 2?), but the Wii U didn’t see any major AAA titles until well into its second or third year. Switch YEAR ONE is getting Splatoon 2, Xenoblade 2, Mario Oddesy and its LAUNCHING with BOTW. Plus there’s the newest Nintendo IP Arms, which looks very promising. That’s coming not soon after launch at all.

    Consoles launching with a weak lineup is nothing new for gaming. PS4 didn’t launch with anything close to BOTW and that console is a huge success.

    Also, and I’ve said this over and over, there is no console on the market that can do all of the things the Switch can do. No NVidia shield, no PS4 Pro, no Scorpio. If this system succeeds it’ll be the first of its kind and create a new market. Very different from the Wii U which had a novel idea but never took off.

    Also also, there’s still E3. It’s reasonable to believe that some games were held off to be presented at E3 this year and with Nintendo’s handheld AND home console divisions on one platform, you’re pretty much guaranteed the games. Btw game freak is confirmed working on a Pokémon title for the system guys.

    I honestly think it’s the fact that Nintendo is positioning this as a home console, coupled with the fact that they’re releasing it mid generation, that’s causing people to freak out. Unfortunately this means it has to compete with the 8.5 gen systems (PS4 Pro & Scorpio). This has never been done before, so yeah. I understand everyone’s cautious pessimism. However, if you just look at the facts, you can see that quality titles will be there within the year and beyond. I’m predicting the Switch will take off by holiday 2017. Let’s go N!

    1. The Wii U had a handful of 3rd party multiplat AAA titles during its first year, like Ass Creed, Splinter Cell and CoD. It seems they will wait until people owns the system this time around.

      1. This is true, but those games were all on the common PS4/XBO platforms and, if anything, the Wii U got the watered down port versions of popular titles. So far that isn’t happening with the Switch.

    1. Most of that they said came true, and there are still unannounced titles in the works. There’s still time for them to be correct.

      Also, why you hating on the N? (Obe1 reference joke)

      1. Yes, at least a good amount of it. But also were some of them already proven wrong. And you’re right, maybe Capcom is just fooling us, but i doubt it. Just because some things they said turned out to be true we shouldn’t immediately believe everything, without excluding myself here, I alsotend to do this sometimes (God damn hype…). Same goes for Eurogamer, Emily Rogers and all the other guys.

        And yes, I got the joke ;)

  11. Well that’s another Japanese game I thought could be on it. Being completely honest though, the Switch doesn’t absolutely NEED Resident Evil from Capcom. What it needs from them is Monster Hunter which it will most assuredly get.

    My next few games I think could be on it are Kingdom Hearts 3, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and possibly Marvel vs. Capcom since they all use Unreal Engine 4. RE7 uses a custom engine from what I’ve read.

    1. It is. Apparently Capcom has created an engine they specifically call RE Engine. I’d give you two guesses as to what the RE stands for but I’m sure you’d only need one. lol

  12. So muuuch third party support from Nintendo! It definitely doesn’t have anything at all to do with making a console that’s less powerful than the base Xbox One. Surely not. (◔_◔) Nintendo is surely going to bring more third parties. Yep. (proceeds to laugh uncontrollably).

      1. Let’s not forget Wii being like a 90s console in terms of hardware specs winning its generation in sales purely because a motion gimmick that brought the casuals and non-gamers who were just playing in hopes of staying in shape. Didn’t really benefit the Nintendo fans now did it. You guys were abandoned since Gamecube.

        1. It’s sad really. Just looking at the Switch Reveal presentation you can still tell Nintendo wants the casuals that made their Wii a success, but they obviously long gone. Their NEXT console may still have motion controls.

      1. Only because Nintendo makes it so easy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

        But seriously, I’ve brought up valid concerns about Nintendo as a whole. They can feel free to prove me wrong at anytime.

          1. I know what you meant about the 3DS’s success. The point I’m trying to make about the 3DS being a success, even though it was weak, is that the 3DS has no competition at all. With the Vita left to wither away by Sony, the 3DS is the only handheld console in the spotlight, therefore third parties are obviously choosing the top dog. Remember how the 3DS did poorly for a while in sales? HOWEVER the Switch is not in that position. It has to compete with the PS4 and Xbox One.

            I can give the Switch the benefit of the doubt. One point you can make is that the performance gap with the Wii U and the Xbox One isn’t as big, so it can bridge the gap of SOME of the games that developers make for its competition. Sadly it’s still going to miss the big AAA games.

              1. My bad, wrong choice of words. The 3DS did have competition, but because the Vita had several flaws, the 3DS eventually triumph. And let’s not forget: The third party support on the 3DS was KILLER, which has made the 3DS pretty impenetrable.

  13. This is so beyond irrelevant and what’s wrong with this website. There aren’t any plans. That doesn’t mean anything besides they don’t have any plans. You know what you have before you have plans? A lack of plans. Its like saying you have no plans to eat… you might not now but you most likely will later. Ugh.

  14. Nobody cares! I was the biggest Resident Evil fan, but they destroyed the series after Resident Evil 5 (that one included). Resident Evil is dead anyway, so nobody cares they don’t bring RE7 on the Switch. This is not a true Resident Evil game anyway. It is just a horror game with the RE name added, for suckers to buy.

  15. Guys I think it’s simple and just Press talk. Capcom is porting resident evil 7 but they are waiting for the switch to take off. Also the switch version will be an improved version of PS4 and improved version I mean bug corrected and game with the Dlc included so that people will buy the supa duppa director finalish cut version. It takes 6 months to port a game, we know from developer comments the port is much more easier to do now with the switch. If Capcom know there is a market for it don’t worry they will port it.

      1. I don’t think anything about the switch pre-order, I don’t have a clue as to how well the switch will do. For now it’s just a wait and see situation for me. Saying that it an opinion based on past experience, common business sense and a bit of logic. If you have let say 50 millions worldwide with 10 millions customers in your own region would you not give a go? Please bear in mind it just an example and I don’t know if the switch will it 50 millions. But as a business point of view you would look at the system, estimate if you can port it by starting some developments to estimate how long the project will last and more importantly how much it going to cost to port it. then leave it until the situation in that case the sell numbers of the systems meet your criteria / estimations. On the PR side you don’t want to put pressure on your Company and then disappoint even more your customers (in that case better crush any hope from the start). Hope my explanation make sense. :-)

  16. Capcom ( or any third party) : We have no plans to bring it to Switch. Translation: (The Switch is underpowered and we would have to water down everything to get it to run on the console)

    Nintendo fanboys: We didn’t want it anyways. Translation: ( You guys are bad and not Nintendo someone call the Whaaaaaaambulance)

    Capcom: Ok. (Ok)

    Something like that…?

  17. Im not buying the Switch at launch. What’s the point to spend $300 update on a Nintendo console when 3rd party like capcom is bringing games like SF2 over RE7?

    If this is what the 3rd party support going to be like fuck updating. I may just buy a PS4 Pro.

  18. That might hurt anyone who wants to play RE 7 on the Switch. But I think Capcom is working hard. RE 7 has now been made compatible in VR too. So I think they might do something for the “Switch compatibilty” in their next Resident Evil Game.

  19. What I notice with all of these comment sections for each game revealed not to go on switch, Titanfall 2 as well, is Nintendo fanboys talking shit on the games an the people behind it to justify why it’s not on there or why it shouldn’t be. I legit see people talking about Switch in a business related aspect rather than as gamers. There’s a competitive console market out there, you even have your PCs that you most likely used to make these comments. Why the fuck are you concerned about a console’s success financially and piss on games not on that specific electronic box just because it isn’t on the box. You’re the poison to the competitive market not just in gaming but in general.

  20. Whatever. I had RE7 preordered on PS4 digitally for months now. It started downloading the game yesterday in prep for the game’s release tonight. Just got about 15 minutes left of download & it’ll be ready for playing in the next 5-7 hours.

    1. Sucks for those wanting it on Switch, though.

    2. Then again, if they are Nintendo fanboys, they’ll claim they never wanted it in the first place or that the franchise was ruined by 5 & 6 so 7 won’t do much to save it. *shrug* Not my problem.

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