US: Super Mario Run Has Dropped From Top 50 Grossing Apps

It would appear that Super Mario Run’s success is waning as the immensely enjoyable mobile title has dropped from the top 50 grossing applications in the United States. Super Mario Run has dropped down to 52nd in the top grossing applications on iOS which is a pretty big fall considering the hype and the amount of downloads it received at launch. Still, Nintendo has another shot as the game is heading to Android in March.

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  1. Nintendo is used to setting the price of its software wherever it wants. So far it has gotten away with it, because its software has always been exclusive to its own hardware, and there has been precious little competition from other companies on its own hardware for the past decade.

    Because so few people bought the WiiU, Nintendo remained king of its own castle, but that castle began to fall apart and was no longer enough to sustain the company. Nintendo had to either get more people to buy its stuff, or venture into new territory, where there WAS real competition and where they COULDN’T call the shots.

    They decided to attempt both strategies; they gave up on WiiU and decided to try to attract more people this time around, with Switch; we’ll all have to wait and see how that turns out. However, they hedged their bets and also starting putting software on mobile.

    Unfortunately, they haven’t yet understood that competition on mobile is fierce, and that lack of competition, not their high quality standards, is the only reason they’ve been able to keep software prices so high for so long. When you have to compete, you have to either start with lower prices, or rapidly drop the price as time goes by to sustain new purchases.

    If they learn this lesson, maybe they will be able to make some good money on mobile, and they could do really well. Otherwise, they will fail on mobile, at which point it will be all up to the Switch to keep them going (unless they end up releasing something to replace the 3DS). Maybe Nintendo is optimistic about that prospect, but I don’t think their investors are. I know Nintendo has lots of money in the bank, but I don’t know how much longer they can go with their investors being disappointed at every turn.

    I think they have one more generation to turn things around; if they are still struggling in five years, they will have to seriously reassess their place in the industry, show some humility, and start cranking out games for other consoles, with prices that decline according to the same patterns that all other games follow.

  2. Its probably because its not riddled with micro transactions made worse by a completely broken economy. You know, like 90% of games on the app store where, technically you could beat it without paying money, but only if you grind in game money on the same level 50+ times so you can unlock the next level and grind again, and again, and again, until you lose your freaking mind and then just give up on the game!! Or for the low, low price of 20-90$ you too can pay to have the game played for you!! NO THANKS!! From a business standpoint yeah, they could have made more money buy selling coin packs, and rally tickets, but from a fan perspective, I’m gonna pull a Chuggaaconroy and say NNNNNO! The one thing they could have done better is split up the 10$ and charge you per world as you beat it. That way Its the same price, but more people would have bought 1 or 2 worlds instead of none. And eventually they would probably end up buying the full game anyways because its “so cheap” even tho they’re paying the exact same price as before. People are kinda stupid that way.

    1. I agree with your strategy on how Nintendo could have priced the game. But this is Nintendo. Logic is not in their skillset. They do what they want. People can take it or leave it. More and more people are just giving the proverbial finger right back to Nintendo.

  3. People don’t pay $10 for a mobile game at once, they pay $1,000 in the form of 10 cent microtransactions.

    1. Yep, or if it was just a bunch of hype and doesn’t deliver. Or if it’s overpriced. Most people that downloaded the game didn’t buy it.

  4. They lost me as a SMR Android customer with their shitty mafia-esque exclusiveness deal with Apple. Sorry but I’m not tolerating such tactics. Minus one Android download from me.

  5. Ahhh. It’s nice to see Nintendo getting their asses handed to them for once by the competition. By all means, make more mobile games, Nintendo. You guys could use your ego getting cut down to size a good bit.

    1. Since us disgruntled fans & customers seem to not be doing it, maybe actually losing to the competition will. That or you’ll just flee back to your own systems & hide away from the rest of the world further so you can pretend you are still this great titan of gaming all the while decaying further til even the fanboys can’t save you.

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